Our Second Week

After we left San Remo on Sunday (16th Aug.) lunch time, we decided to anchor somewhere on the way to Loano, enjoy the sun and go swimming. Funnily, we ended up in Diano Marina again.

This time the sea was calm and after eating our dinner we had a good nights rest! We even planned to visit the city the next day and to stay one more night, returning to Loano on Tuesday, 18th August.

Visiting Diano Marina was a good idea. We took the dinghy into the tiny marina, found a safe mooring spot and headed into the city! A very nice one, as it turned out, we also had a little lunch in a small restaurant.

When we headed back to Luna Azzurra, we sea became rougher and the sky started to look quite dark. We even heard some thunder…. After a short discussion what to do, we decided to head straight home, to Loano. It was three o’clock and the journey shouldn’t take longer than three and a halv hours.

It seemed like a wise decision! Although we finally had (almost) perfect sailing weather, with 7-10 knots (!), we were happy to be on our way to a safe harbour!

So it was Monday, 17th Aug., 6.10 p.m. when we arrived at the marina and at seven we were berthed and settled! Inside the walls it was calm, but outside….boy-oh-boy!! Black clouds lingered around, although the sun was shining again. But we could clearly hear the rumbling from the land!

During the night we had some rainfall and around 4 a.m. I got up and closed the hatches. But in the morning the sun was up again and after doing some laundry, changing bedding, towels etc., we went quickly grocery shopping.

Afterwards we went to the little bar in the marina, called “Gavioli” and had some bruschette and a glass of prosecco / white wine. Back at the boat, Patrik installed doorstoppers, while I started to write this post.


We stayed in Loano until Wednesday (19th August), then it was time for us to head out again. This time we wanted to explore the east side of Loano, passing Savona and continue a bit further, towards Genoa.

Our first stop was at Punto Crena again, where we stayed with André and the girls the week before.

Since  the weather was after our gusto, we stayed there two nights. Swimming, reading and enjoying was the slogan.

On Friday, 21st we decided to continue our journey. The weather was still hot and sunny, but sadly no wind. We read that anchoring on this side would be even more hopeless, than westwards of Loano. So we were prepared to stay in a marina, either Varazze or Arenzano.

Around 11 a.m. we left the bay and after lunch time we passed the big city of Savona, with its container ships and ferries.

Further we went, passing Varazze with its newly built marina. Patrik even had written to them, asking if they would have berth for us and what the price would be. They had and the price was EUR 82.- per night. Reasonably in our eyes, but we still preferred an anchor spot if possible.

Surprisingly, we did find one, just east of the Varazze marina. It was a bit crowded with yachts, but we quickly  found a suitable spot and dropped the anchor at 14.15. We decided to stay here for at least one night, maybe two.

The night to Saturday was a bit bumpy, though. But otherwise it’s a beautiful spot with a lovely view, and many costly villas to admire.


We used our paddle boards, were swimming and….well….again, enjoyed “la dolce far niente” !

On Saturday,  after my cleaning up round with my paddle board, just before three o’clock, dark clouds were building up and the waves became bigger and more uncomfortable. So, with some regret, we decided to leave the bay and sail back towards Loano. The forecast promised another bumpy night and how the weather would be on Sunday was a bit too much of a poker game for our taste.

The journey back would take around 3.5 hours, which seemed ok.

On the way, from a long distance we even saw the dorsal fin of a (or more) whale(s)! Oh wow, THAT was a real highlight. I’ll have to look up, what kind of cetacean we saw, I guess it was a pilot whale…. Amazing!

It was around 6.30 p.m. when we were at our berth and 20 minutes later everything was done and secured. The sky is was still cloudy, but not as bad as we expected. However, we were glad to be safely back!

Being back so early means, we’ll have plenty of time, preparing our journey back home to Switzerland and to Odin. Seeing him again we look very forward to, naturally!  =^.^=

A presto e baci!



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