A Secret “Boat Sitter” & A Culinary Highlight

The other day, Patrik has been contacted from Igor – the owner of the lovely “Osteria No 6” in Albenga .   This time it wasn’t only small talk or sharing recipes.

Yeah, Igor and Patrik keep a casual contact, joking with each other and sending pics with tasty meals to and fro.

We also know that he and Donatella – his wife – like to drive to Loano every now and then and pay a visit to our Luna Azzurra. Every time sending us a picture or two with some comments! It makes us happy of course, knowing that someone cares so much about our baby.


Patrik and I have been searching and searching……..sadly, we found none!

I talk about ideas for this weeks post. Amazingly, we simply couldn’t come up with a good idea – one, worth writing about (better nothing than some crappy yaaaaawn – story)!

Might be the early winter blues….who knows?!

So, sorry folks, no report this time! But we do wish you a wonderful and comfy weekend – I’ll be busy doing my Italian homework. What fun have you planned?

About Scorpios….

Already November – can you believe it?

Well, that means not only cold and unpleasant weather, it’s also the month’s with most birthdays in our family!

On Thursday, the 7th, it was my dad’s and yesterday it was mine! On the 26th it’s my brothers birthday (OK, he doesn’t belong to us Scorpios anymore). Then, there are many friends and acquaintances also celebrating their big days in November! A party month actually, hahaha….

Elba – Capraia – Loano

We where leaving Isola d’Elba heading for Isola di Capraia and from there we headed straight to Loano.

It was a bumpy ride between Isola di Capraia to Loano, but we were in the end happy that we did not sail first to Corse, France which was the wish and plan we had.

13 Years Ago…

Patrik mounted the cat flap after a few days, but it seemed Gulliver wasn’t interested – it was still locked, though. It looked like he was happy enough being inside and to cuddle with us whenever he had the chance.

After a week – the weather was gorgeous – we decided to take him outside and show him his new kingdom. At first we were a bit nervous, what if he ran away? But it turned out our worries were waste, he stayed with us and when our neighbours came to say hello, he let them pet him but always looked where we were. As if he wanted to make sure, we wouldn’t disappear or leave him.

Anyway, that convinced us that he would never run away. So we opened the cat flap and showed him how it worked…well, it turned out, he actually never used it. It functioned as his window. So while we were working he was inside and when our neighbor was home before us, she opened the front-door for him.

Funnily, every day, when Patrik and I came home, he was waiting for us at the corner, where the houses ended and the garages for the cars started. He must have known the sound of our car engine.

A trip to a war zone or?

I realised a really busy Monday would start with calling the technician. It was not that easy to reach him. But in the end I did. He explained that his department boss in Germany had ordered him home with first available flight. When I asked why? He explained there was a German warning for travel to Turkey! I told him that the warning is only at the boarder zone between Turkey and Syria! No problem really. In the end we decided it would be best if I called his boss.

Leaving Rosignano for Isola d’Elba


Stop the Bloodbath