It’s Movie Time – Part Four

Here comes the last movie from our this years sailing adventure! We hope you enjoyed all parts, as much as we enjoyed doing them Cheers  & take care 🙂  

It’s Movie Time – Part Three

Our holidays continue….. here comes another movie! 😉    

It’s Movie Time – Part Two

Here comes another movie we want to share with you! Cheers 😊

It’s Movie Time – Part One

For a change, we Patrik prepared a movie from our summer holidays for you!

Enjoy 😊

PS: The paint work on our house is completed and we are more than happy with the result!

A New Project

Our house has been built in 1995, which means it’s 25 years old.

Overall, it’s in an excellent condition. The pre-owners apparently made sure to use high quality material, which pays off in the end.

Nevertheless, since we bought the house in 2008, we’ve done quite a few things. Like we replaced the 50 square meter wooden deck a few years ago. The old one started to rot away and we re-built it with WPC boards. It’s is a mix between wood (70%) and reinforced synthetics (30%), which makes it maintenance-free! We are still happy with our decision.

Our Third Week & Coming Home

After our rather rashly return to Loano on Saturday, 22nd August, the weather continued to be sunny and hot, despite of the forecast! A few raindrops during the night and some clouds and waves on Sunday was all, instead of the expected thunderstorm!
Well, rather like that than regretting some silly decision. Plus, the anchoring spot we had would neither been comfortable nor safe, in case of a storm.

We didn’t do too much during the weekend. Went grocery shopping for the last time and simply enjoyed our last days on board Luna Azzurra!

Our Second Week

After we left San Remo on Sunday (16th Aug.) lunch time, we decided to anchor somewhere on the way to Loano, enjoy the sun and go swimming. Funnily, we ended up in Diano Marina again.

This time the sea was calm and after eating our dinner we had a good nights rest! We even planned to visit the city the next day and to stay one more night, returning to Loano on Tuesday, 18th August.

Visiting Diano Marina was a good idea. We took the dinghy into the tiny marina, found a safe mooring spot and headed into the city! A very nice one, as it turned out, we also had a little lunch in a small restaurant.

When we headed back to Luna Azzurra, we sea became rougher and the sky started to look quite dark. We even heard some thunder…. After a short discussion what to do, we decided to head straight home, to Loano. It was three o’clock and the journey shouldn’t take longer than three and a halv hours.

Stop the Bloodbath