Inspiring Prep Time

You know, winding off the whole anchor chain on to our pontoon, rinse off the sea water, let it dry and then mark every ten meter with colour. Let it dry again and – voilà – a whole day would have been wasted successfully used!

On second thoughts, however, this procedure has to be done every, or every second year. Plus, what’s more worrying, the tiny colour particles would be lost in the oceans and consequently pollutes it with microplastic! Not a sexy thought!

And the colourful plastic clips you can buy and attach to the chain will surely get lost sooner or later – so no option either!

Well, therefore we decided to buy a whole new remote control, incl. counter! (pssst…. Plus we only have to do the work ONCE, which probably will take a day too, but that’ll be done once and for good …hehe 😉!)

Holiday & homework.

Time for my holiday which was planned in since long ago with the idea to be in Italy sailing to San Remo. As everyone knows by now this was not possible due to the corona crisis. I could not as Diana cancel or move my holiday. So I took the opportunity together with Odins amazing …

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Happy Day !

Thursday was a holiday this week, therefore, Patrik and I took Friday off as well.

The whole week the weather did what it was supposed to do at this time of the year: Shine and be warm!

Well, until Saturday afternoon at least, then it changed to rain and the temperatures dropped below 20 deg. C. So today we have a mix with clouds, sunshine and rain. Tomorrow should be better again according to the forecast.

Anyway, on Thursday afternoon Patrik and I visited my parents! They invited us for pizza to say thank you, as we did some grocery shopping for them a while ago.

Meanwhile they do their shopping by themselves again, with the necessary caution of course.

My Lovely Lively Garden

Hi Furiends! The other day I took my dad’s camera and strolled through my beautiful garden!
Amazing, how little time it took to grow all these flowers and make our neighbours disappear behind the branches and tons of leaves! Look:

It also makes me disappear perfectly when I’m out hunting observing mice and birds! What an interesting and relaxing pastime……*oooops*

My dad helped me to produce this short movie about these little buggers………. Unfortunately Luckily their feeding station is high up, otherwise they would be in danger to get eaten by some evil cat!

Another save-bird-spot is on our balcony. My mum even bought them a swimming pool recently…. I wonder why, though. Don’t they have this beautiful fountain sitting in our garden already? And it’s nice and low for me to comfortably…..erm…. watch them.

Quo Vadis?

Well, it slowly occurred to us that, by continuing dreaming about a catamaran we probably would never be able to live our dreamlife and sail away from the rat race we want to escape. We would continue to chase our dream and in ten years we would still be here. With the difference that until then we most likely wouldn’t want to do it anymore, we probably would have lost the enthusiasm, the drive so to say, plus I can imagine we would be worn out talking and planning our life on board, without it ever happening. Plus with over sixty starting a brand-new life? I’m not sure if Patrik and I are the kind of people who would do that…Or maybe we are after all…?!

Anyway, lately we’ve started to consider if maybe a life on board LUNA AZZURRA could be possible.        After all, we do own a well-sized boat in super condition!

Glimmer of Hope

Meanwhile, some restrictions have been loosened. Hairdressers, cosmetic and nail studios, tattoo shops, garden centers and hardware stores were allowed to open again last Monday!

Also, the restaurants, bars and pubs will be allowed to open on the 11th of April. With restrictions of course, not more than 4 peple per table, or a family and the distance between a group of people must be 2 meters. I bet the owners are super happy!

We heard in the news, that Italy also starts to loosen their cutback, like some shops will open soon. Schools remain closed though, until September. Travelling too is still very limited within Italy….

Nevertheless, Patrik and I keep our hopes high that end of May people may be allowed to visit Italy – even if still limited. We keep our vacation plans so far for week 22 and hope pray we will be able to visit our Luna Azzurra.

Home again and a first round trip

Yesterday I had my first round trip for a few hours. It was a wonderful ride with perfect weather (24°C) and I enjoyed it really much. I drove  around lake Constants and inland from there a little through some small villages and  country streets. In the end I made approx. 120km in a relaxing way with a few stops to stretch my legs and enjoy the nature. 

When Diana came home we went and picked up our Volvo which been at the garage where they put on new summer tires.

When home again we had a apero with a nice Crémant before preparing our dinner which was new asparagus which I bought at a farmer close by when I had a short walk in the morning.

Stop the Bloodbath