Igor and Donatella visited Luna Azzurra. To our delight he’s sent us some photos – documenting Donatella up in the mast and mounting the radar reflectors! Thank you so much guys….

I admire Donatella, who wasn’t afraid of the hight (not like me… *sigh*)

Another highlight was that we received the OK and documents for the Swedish registration of Luna Azzurra *YEAH*!

The Dutch flag would have expired this summer and we needed a new one. After considering for a while, which country would be most practical – England was an option for a short time, but after the BREXIT it would have been too complicated with a British flag.

For example when sailing to another country, like France, it would have been necessary to «go through customs», which would have been a lot of red tape and a hassle everytime.

So we are sailing under the Swedish flag now!

A Crappy Start

My vacation came to an end last week, annoyingly not my cold!

In the end, last Saturday I bought the heavy duty stuff in the pharmacy in order to get well until Monday. Of course I wanted to feel alert and ready for my new job.

Patrik left on Sunday morning for his three days business trip to Turkey… while I hardly left the bed. In the evening I had to admit to myself that I would never be well enough to start the next day….

So on Monday morning I called the company and explained my unfortunate situation. It was more than embarassing! It’s your first day and you’re sick! Gladly, the understanding was enorm and they told me not to worry and show up when I would feel better again!

The 3rd Week

Gosh! It’s unbelievable how time flies…..

The three weeks are already history and on Monday I’ll start my new job!

Of course I’m excited about it, but at the same time I feel like I could have done with a couple of weeks off longer… Yeah, well, everything comes to an end!

This week I finally visited Cony, our dear cat sitter and friend, who moved away last summer! She lives now on a farm, which her partner owns and their income is to produce and sell goat milk.

Of course she had to show me around and I was very pleased to see, how the animals are kept. A lot of natural light and enough space to move around. Usually, the goats are allowed to be outside, but the weather wasn’t ideal that day, that’s why they were inside.

The 2nd Week

Still enjoying my vacation – and time flies by….

It was Patrik’s (psssssst….53rd) birthday on Monday, so I prepared a nice dinner for us. But we also went out last Saturday evening, to pre-celebrate a little.

Otherwise I was busy with painting, cleaning the car, my mum visited one afternoon, I went to see a girlfriend…well, I’m not bored, let me tell you!

Time Out!

A new chapter has started in my life: I quit my old job and will start a new one on February 03rd!

The decision was kind of an unforeseen turn….but  during last summer I started to realise that I wasn’t happy at my work, too many changes (for my taste) and in the end I just wasn’t able to stand behind whatever I was doing.

So I started to look for a new challenge – without much hope, I must say. With 50+ you’re actually not very attractive anymore in the job market (at least here in Switzerland).

All the more was I surprised that I received an answer from the first and only application I have sent. They wanted to meet me and in the end the whole procedure went with a dizzy speed. It seemed like it was my lucky destiny….

Maintenance, good weather and food during my visit to Loano, Italy

As the holiday have ended for Diana and as I had 1 more week holiday left which I must use up.I decided to drive down to Loano and check up on Luna Azzurra.

At the same time do some maintenance on her. enjoy the weather and food of course.

Engine was up for a service “oil and filter changes” there are as well a small oil leak on the engine that I wanted to find.

Oil leaks can be a pain to find and they are a must to find otherwise the whole boat will smell bad inside and of course do to safety and environment.

Safety it is in case of a fire for example.

Environmental would be in case there will be a water leak as well and the bilge pump start pumping the water mixed with oil overboard.

As the oceans are already in a bad shape that wouldn’t be needed too. In case it is possible to solve with some job doesn’t matter how annoying it might be. It is worth it.

Good Bye 2019 – Hello 2020 !

Hi everyone! We hope you’ve had a wonderful Christmas with your families and beloved ones and that you’ve had a good start into the new year!

Patrik and I spent Christmas in Sweden, Helsingborg area, together with his family. Even his brother Stefan, who lives in Thailand since more that 30 years, was there!

Patrik’s nephew and godson works at the Clarion hotel in Helsingborg and arranged a De Luxe room for us – including the sparkling wine as a welcome present! Thanks again, Mathias, it was VERYYYY much appreciated!

Stop the Bloodbath