Sailing Pisa – Lacona Bay 2021

In the Golfo della Lacona, on the southern side of Elba. We had lovely memories of this bay (and a, say, funny one….), so we looked forward anchoring there for two days and be able to enjoy the water ⚓

Summer Sailing 2021 (Episode 4)

The next day (Wednesday, 04th August) was a little cloudy and the weather forecast advised sailors to search shelter. Bad weather was expected!

It was around 9.30 a.m. when we left the Golfo della Lacona and headed for Portoferraio!

Soon we could hoist the sails and switched off the engine. Even the sun had come forward and joined us!

Summer Sailing 2021 (Episode 3)

It was around 3.15 p.m. when we dropped the anchor at Porto Baratti – finally successfully – for the third time. Attempt one and two failed due to poor holding and the – suddenly existing – wind (force 8-10).

Well, hopefully the night would be calmer (it was indeed 😉). The bay itself is a beauty and many other yachts were around, with people swimming and enjoying the sun. Most of them left late in the afternoon, though, probably heading home. For most who stayed for the night – like us – it was probably the last stop before heading to Elba.

Sailing Levanto – Pisa 2021

It was 2 p.m., when we were moored and ready to go to the marina office for registering.

Afterwards we swabbed the deck, since Luna Azzurra was incredibly dirty and dried saltwater made the whole surface sticky and yucky!

The Marina di Pisa is quite new, finished in 2013 (I think) and very modern! The restaurant and bar sit in the middle, with yachts – mostly visitors – parked around. Our spot was just beside the bar and restaurant, very handy 🥂

Summer Sailing 2021 (Episode 2)

The sea gate – known as Le Bocche – is another well-known and good protected anchor spot (not too well known, we hoped….). Just opposite the village of Porto Venere lies the largest of the three islands in the Gulf of La Spezia and all of Liguria: Isola Palmaria, with its smaller companions Tino and Tinetto. It forms the archipelago called Arcipelago Spezzino.

Since 1997 Palmaria, together with Tino and Tinetto, as well as Porto Venere and the Cinque Terre, has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site. (Source: Wikipedia)

Summer Sailing 2021 (Episode 1)

We prepared our SUP’s and sat them into the new holders. They fitted perfectly and Luna Azzurra looked very stylish.

Unfortunately, we discovered that our dinghy was leaking air somewhere. Patrik tried desperately to find the damage……….
It would be very annoying having to leave without it, since we planned to anchor most of the time and do our shore leaves with the tender. OH MAN!! 

Sailing Loano – Levanto 2021


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