My Catsitter(s)

Gosh……..finally I have access to our blog and I can publish MY post!
Unbelievable, my mum and dad the two egoists I have to cope with – the last couple of weeks I had no chance to login. And why? Because of their silly report about sailing around some stupid rocks in Mediterranean….. Ha, how ridiculous is that?!
And me? Not a single word about poor me, who had to stay at home – again! Therefore, in my opinion, it’s finally time to introduce you to my sweet catsitter, Cony. Actually, they are four, which I reckon seems just right….. one needs to have a certain choice of staff, right?

AHOY ! Part 4

Soon we were ready and strolled to Spinola Bay, where we wanted to eat a light lunch. There are so many nice restaurants and bars there, so it was not easy to choose one, but in the end we found a lovely place and ordered some bruschetta and a bottle of white wine. It tasted heavenly and we were more than pleased – and soon ready to take the bus to Valletta! On our last visits, Patrik and I were lucky to experience the old busses on Malta, which were famous for their unique make-up (and their “insane” drivers, if I may say so), because back then, the vehicles were owned by families and they decorated them after their – more or less good – tastes. Nowadays, the busses are modern and they even close the doors while driving, probably because they have built-in air-con’s these days ?.

AHOY ! Part 3

“Man over board !”

“Bring the sails into a close-hauled point of sail with both the mainsail and jib trimmed in tight.
Turn the rudder so that the boat tack, without releasing the jib sheet (unlike in normal tacking).
Once on the new tack, the wind will blow on the wrong side of the jib. The wind in the backed jib will attempt to blow the bow further away from the wind.
Turn the rudder to the other direction and lock it, this to keep the boat toward the wind on your new tack. The force of the mainsail will try to move the boat toward the wind just as the force in the jib tries to push it away.” Now one starts the engine and begins rescuing the person in the water.
With this maneuver the boat will not move anymore, it’s like a full brake with a car. Have a look at the speed indicator, it will amazingly show “zero” at once! Especially helpful, if there are just two people sailing and one falls over board. You always stay close to the M.O.B., since he and the boat are only floating after the stop and you are able to rescue him/her without being more stressed out, than you surely already are in such a situation!
It’s by the way also a perfect technique, when waiting out bad weather conditions, want to cook some food in peace, even if you want to go for a swim or you need a rest for some reason.

AHOY ! Part 2

Franco says: “Kids Make Trouble” (= when preparing to hoist the mainsail, it means: Kids = open the Kicker/vang / Make = adjust the Main sheet / Trouble = check the Topping lift)


On Saturday, 17 September we flew from a rainy Zurich to a dry and warm Malta and landed – a wee bit too late – just after eight o’clock in the evening. Luckily, we arranged earlier with Anna Maria from Salana Sailing that a taxi would pick us up and drive us to the Msida Creek Harbor, Valletta.

We are back!

All of us – Michaela, Michael, Patrik and me – agree, we truly had a fantastic week on “our” Bavaria 39’ cruiser, called S/V “Felicity”! Not least because of Franco, our Italian skipper and instructor, who patiently taught us how to sail safely in theory and practice and gave us lots of precious tips!

Ready for the RYA Day skipper practical

Finally the day has arrived for our adventure, which means our trip to Malta, to do the RYA competent crew and the RYA day skipper practical.
Most stuff is packed and ready, just some final preparation have to be done.

Stop the Bloodbath

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