Preparing for our sailing vacation 

I know many do not bother about this.
They will miss it the day their computers brakes down and they have no clue where they are….. will be a little late for them then.
If you are in the middle of the Atlantic it would be a little scary ???.

My busy week…….  ?

Hello, my furry – and not-so-furry – friends! I’ve had a busy week and I’m glad it’s Friday today!
Since my Mum and Dad didn’t have time to write a new post (actually, my suspicion is, they couldn’t be bothered), I sacrificed myself to this task. So, this was my week:

To charter a cat – what a challenge !

Soon it became apparent that it was very difficult for some companies to read our emails properly….Some answered not at all to our questions, but sent a copy/paste email back, others sent a 3-page offer with their whole fleet – including the ones, available skippered only *sigh*. Then, we also realized that many of these “Sailing Specialists” could hardly understand English (although one can choose from several communication languages – English was one of them), and Patrik and I doubted soon, if some of them knew what a vessel actually IS. To put it mildly, it was a bit frustrating with some of them.

Birthday 25+

We had a really fun and lovely Friday evening which started with an Aperitif home Michaela & Michael came for a quick toast before we I went down to Restaurant Frohsinn in our village to eat.
At the restaurant we were had a lovely dinner. Veggie for Diana and wonderful Ementaler brochette for the rest of us.

Happy Birthday, Dad!

I proudly announce that today is my dad’s birthday !
But not just any birthday – it’s his 50th and that’s very special of course. He’ll get some licks and purrs later on from me and I might even play with him for a while. I don’t know yet, what present he’ll get from Diana, though, but I bet he’ll like mine a lot more .
I’m just a little confused about the numbers….I know it’s his 50th birthday, but he always talks about 25plus….. very puzzling I must say *sigh*

Snow, snow, snow….

Switzerland is in the grip of the winter……and I’m not very amused about it!
Nevertheless, I ordered my dad outside, I order to take some pictures for you guys. As you can see, winter has finally arrived – since January 2nd we have snow and according to the weather forecast more will come during the weekend!

Vegan at any cost????

I dare to say, that meanwhile, everyone is informed about palm oil production and knows that these are boring monocultures, wherefore thousands of square kilometers of precious rainforest is being sacrificed. Clearing rainforest means, killing millions of animals – directly and indirectly.
So I’m asking: How can one justify using palm oil in vegan products? I simply don’t get it…..

Stop the Bloodbath