New recipe layout

If you are visiting our recipe pages, you will notice that the layout has  chanced. We tried to make the recipes easier to understand, like a step by step kind of way.   Now you will have a better overview about the ingredients and how to prepare and cook the various meals. Among other things a calculator is connected between the number …

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RYA Day-skipper theory assessment

Yesterday I finished my RYA Day-skipper theory by doing the assessment. Everything went perfect and I passed the course.   As mentioned in an earlier post, I did the course over Internet and my review of an education like this on the net: It’s just perfect, good and fun. I took my RYA course by …

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I shall not lie…

Hello again…. *sigh* My humans saw my earlier report and weren’t so pleased with it…. In fact, they were so upset that in the end I felt miserable and, herewith, I apologize with all my heart for lying to all of you. So, this is what really happened: It’s true, though, that mum and dad drove …

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Would you believe that?

Hi there! Well, finally I had access to a laptop, because I really have to tell you something quite unbelievable: Mum and dad abandoned me recently ! Almost three weeks ago they just left me all alone in the big house, without warning and – what’s worse – without food or water! Can you believe …

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Our visit in La Grande Motte, International Multihull Boat Show

We should make a video including some pictures to show you a little of our visit at the International Multihull Boat Show in La Grande Motte.
Unfortunately the camera we brought with us did not perform as we wished, so we had to use the iphone in the end to be able to show you at least something.

Sunday walk among the wine yards

It was a wonderful Sunday yesterday for a walk among the wine yards. When friends of us asked if we would like to come along for a walk we could not resist. The temperature was 18°C so more or less perfect – not to warm and not to cold. Here are a few pictures how it looks like …

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RYA Day Skipper theory course

As you can see on the pictures I’m working on the theory for the RYA Day Skipper education. Have so far made all 12 chapter with good result. Are right now just doing a repetition of all. To see what I will need to read and practice more, before the final assessment.   I am doing …

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Stop the Bloodbath

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