Xmas Greetings !

My humans and I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

A Christmas Story

Monday evening, 12th December, an upset Sabine told me that the woman changed her mind and had decided to give xxx to the slaughterhouse, instead of giving him a chance with a new owner. The date was already set: On Thursday, 15th December he should die! That couldn’t be true!
Although, I never met that horse it really touched my heart and I simply couldn’t understand, how someone would send his (hopefully) once beloved animal to death, instead of caring for it, even if you can’t “use” it anymore. What’s wrong with these people? Aren’t you responsible for your animal during its whole life time? Even if it gets old, sick or maybe is not so pretty anymore? Shouldn’t you love your companion until it dies? My belief is that you care for it, as long as it’s not suffering and can be helped.

Service onboard a ship

I am right now onboard a ship named Stena Germanica working. This ship is a quite big cargo ferry who have room for 750 passenger and about 4000 lain meter of cargo which means that when you see a 4 km long row of lorries on the highway, that whole line of lorries would fit onboard this ship in it’s cargo room.

Advent Season

We were even invited to taste “something” quite exclusive, an almost sparkly, sweet and very fruity juice…..What was it? Urs laughed and announced that this was this years ice wine, a speciality, which can be done only, when the temperatures drop to approximately minus 9 – 13 degrees. Then the grapes have to be harvested at once, which usually happens during nighttime. A very delicate and costly procedure, which also explains the price for this kind of wine, which usually will be relished as a dessert wine, as it tastes pretty sweet.

Thank you for your Comments

We would finally like to thank you all, who took their time to write a comment to us. All the positive, funny and well-meant writings are truly appreciated and we love them all!

Oh, Precious Spare Time!

I love to be creative, I like painting/drawing, do handicraft work (newly discovered pearls and FIMO) and I love writing. Sounds all great, but unfortunately you do need a certain amount of time to do that. Not primarily because it’s complicated, but because you need to get inspired and you need to be in the right mood.

Post with recipe ideas

Unfortunately, we did not have much time to write a post this week.
We decided to add a few new interesting recipes which we strongly recommends to test. To get directly to the recipes, just click on the picture of your choice.

Stop the Bloodbath