Summary and thoughts

Generally I like this way of working, but not five days a week. When working from home I missing the contact to colleagues at work. For me I would say three days a week from home and two at the office would fit me  the best.

To summary my home office month I have mixed feelings for sure, but this might as well have to do that I am tired of this corona by now. 

Still in the end I am a lucky one who are allowed to be outside without much of restrictions. What I miss is the freedom to shop or go to a restaurant, plus a hairdresser would be nice right now.


As most of you guys know, Patrik and I would actually be in Loano since yesterday.

To be with Luna Azzurra and work as much as possible on her. The new sprayhood would be fitted, the length of the anchor chain measured (we still have no meter marks on the chain – yet) and a lot of other small things would have been accomplished.

Well, as instructed, we stay at home instead. At least the weather is fantastic, sunny and between 20 and 24 deg. C! Plus we keep Odin company and didn’t have to arrange for a cat sitter. Which is a good thing!

This afternoon we’ll go shopping again for my parents. So we get to get out nevertheless…

Anyway, we would like to send our best wishes to you all, stay well and enjoy the little things in life!

Have a gorgeous Easter Weekend!

Long Time No See

Well, well, my life is still as pleasant as always! I sleep a lot, inspect my garden every now and then and defend it if necessary! Apparently, there is a new cat in our area, a ginger one with a short tail. I guess he had an accident once. I’m not sure yet, if I like him or not….let’s see in a while!

Anyway, this Friday my dad did not his “home office” thing, but we worked in the garden instead! Boy, it was quite a lot we did: Emptying the pots from last years plants, filling the fountain with fresh water, clipping the huge pampas grass and we did a bit of weeding. Unfortunately, my dad didn’t accomplish all the tasks I’ve asked him to do, but he did well enough – I’m very pleased with him!

Greetings !

Luckily, Patrik doesn’t show any symptoms of a cold, so his guest room time will be over today. He’ll still be working from home, though.

I’m glad that our company is still open and functioning. Although, with less people. Many have to stay at home, since they belong to the high risk group. That means not enough people in some productions departments.

Since our office is pretty quiet at the moment, I offered to help out wherever needed. So last week I worked at the cable confection. Instead of approx. 10 people they are reduced to 2-3, trying hard to keep up the production.

I enjoy working there. Despite the crisis, people are in good spirit and we do have a good laugh every now and then. Plus I learn a lot, how things are done! A win-win situation, indeed!

The Madness Continues…

Since Monday all schools, non-food shops, restaurants, bars, gyms, hairdressers….you name it, are closed! Only grocery shops and pharmacies are open! And people a going nuts, by doing panic buying (especially toilet paper….God knows why….?!). And in some shops, even fresh food is sold out, ridiculously enough! I mean how long can you keep fruits, vegetables and salad fresh? There will be tons of food waste, I’m sure of it and it makes me so angry!

Anyway, since Tuesday Patrik is doing home office. Not only him, though, but the whole company is shut down until April 03rd.

I’m wondering how long we, in my company, are allowed to go to work…. hmmm, so far, so good – finger’s crossed!

Skiing holiday in Austria

When back at the apartment we had a deserved whiskey and a beer and start planning our week. Where to ski. We could choose between Zell am See, Schmitten and Kaprun. Zell am See have more people. Last year the snow was so wet that is was like water skiing which are to dangerous we think. Then Schmitten is a really wonderful and have nice slops and there they have a really nice restaurant too.

In the end we went for the Kaprun slops to start with. As you are skiing at 3000 meters altitude. For sure the snow will be great even on a sunny warm day. As it was the first day of skiing we though this would be a good warm up day . Blue sky and 6 degree warm at 3000 meter. Hard to think about a better start.

After the first day we went over to Schmitten where we where more or less alone in the slopes. OK durring the whole week all slopes was quite empty. All school holidays was over you could see.

March has arrived…..

…..but the crazy weather continues! Heavy storms, rain, sunshine and snow is taking turns. I really can’t remember such extreme weather conditions….

Add the Corona virus to the craziness and suddenly you find yourself in exceptional circumstances.

End of last week the government in Switzerland banned events and activities with more than 1’000 people! Some communities had their limit up to max. 200 people…. I mean…hello?!

Football and ice hockey matches were cancelled or they had to play in empty stadiums.

People do not shake hands anymore (OK, that’s maybe reasonable), and someone coughing or blowing its nose gets the evil eye from bystanders.

Last Saturday Patrik and I were grocery shopping we suddenly we realized some empty shelfs. And as a matter of fact, after we returned home, we heard in the radio that people were hoarding food! *hmmm*

But – probably – worst of all is that the famous carnival parades in several Swiss cities have been cancelled! It’s not my thing, though, but for those who simply live for this event, it must be catastrophe!

Stop the Bloodbath