A New Solar Panel Arch

Installing Victron MPPT’s (solar panel chargers) and a BMV-712 smart. The 712 is for monitoring power consumption or charging of our batteries. For this to work I had to pull a lot of cables around the boat. Everyone who have a boat, knows very well that this can be a challenge. As the room is tight and to get the cables trough from compartment to compartment is tricky. That is one reason why no post came out last week. Was to occupied with jobs onboard (sorry for this)

Back to Purfectly Normal

My furiends! I hope you are as happy as I am!

Finally, my house is as it was before. No more strangers with noisy machines and funny equipment.

My food and water bowls are back in place, as are my furniture. I decided to keep my bed upstairs for the moment, because…. well, because 😊

But wait! Not everything is as it was! We have – of course – the new and beautiful parquet floor! It not only looks amazing it also feels lovely on my paws. Really velvety! I love it very much ♥

A quick work trip to Italy

As invited by our subsidiary in Italy I should be allowed to pass the border and be in Italy for up to 120 hours (5 Days). When arriving the custom no one want to see anything so everything went good. I arrived the hotel 18:45, checked in took a shower and then went down for dinner. I must say the food in Lombardi was not my favorit of the Italien cousin.

What the…… Holy Paw !?

Not only did I have to get used and even befriend a non-stop hissing snake! Which turned out was quite a boring creature, since it wouldn’t play with me. I baptised him “Floppy” and not even that did he mind….

Well, at least I didn’t have to share my goodies with him and after two weeks he moved out! I wonder who he bores these days….

Anyway, last weekend my mum and dad started to empty all cupboard in my living room and removed the ALL the furniture! Even MY bed and MY toys! What cheek!!

On Sunday evening everything was gone – well, at least my food and water bowl were still there…. exactly, “still”, because on Monday morning even those were gone.

What the heck is going on, I asked myself! Are we moving?

Decisions Made

A friend of us, who is a floorer and owns his own company, has been approved from our insurance, so he’ll do the work.

This Thurday a caprenter came to us to replace a kitchen cupboard (fortunately only one was damaged by the flooding).

Next week the big work will start by removing the old parquet floor. We were told this will be quite noisy…. poor Odin… Hopefully after one week the job will be done and we are proud owners of a beautiful new oak floor!

This weekend, though, we’ll have to empty the sideboard, the showcase and another big cupboard in the kitchen. Then all the furnitures have to be removed. Some will go upstairs and some – the heavy pieces – will be in our winter garden.


fter 24 hours Switzerland was engrossed in a massive, white blanket! That wouldn’t be THAT unusual in the mountains. But the masses of snow were down to 400m a.s.l. (or even lower), and that was extraordinary!

The public transportation nearly collapsed – Zurich City for example was apparently extremely bad! No busses or trams were available anymore.

Driving a car was possible, but without a 4×4 almost a lost cause. For the first time I was deeply grateful that we own a Volvo XC60 – with new winter tires!

One evening I even drove a work colleague home and picked her up again the next morning. She didn’t dare driving anymore.

An Arch for Luna Azzurra

Patrik and I always agreed that we cannot avoid the fact that sooner or later we’ll need an arch for Luna Azzurra.

It sits pretty high up on our “to do” list. Together with a water maker, inverter, lithium batteries, LED lamps, electric toilets, electric stove, new salon upholstery, ….… *whoops*

Particularly, we want to have a proper spot for the dinghy, which – so far – was lying on the deck and was more or less a nuisance. Not only does it take a lot of space, but it’s always such a hassle to get it into the water and haul it up on deck again.

Stop the Bloodbath