New Ideas and Bad News

On Friday I went to a Tattoo Shop to discuss the possibility to display a few pieces of my jewelry!  And yes, I can! On December 22nd they will have an Open House Party with “Gluhwein” (spiced red wine) among other wintery things, and they would love to show my work. Cool, I’m excited about it!

Otherwise, not much happened….autumn definitely has arrived with some mighty storms, especially in the southern part of Switzerland and Italy. The more southerly the worse the devastation was…Even Sardinia wasn’t spared! Terrible !!

And the mountains got their first snowfall.

I have been monitoring the webcam of the Marina di Loano more than usual…it looks quite uncomfortable I must say, with rain and strong winds. Luckily, the staff of the marina does inspection rounds three times a day, in order to make sure, the yachts are safely moored! That’s soothing, of course.

Anyhow, Matteo reported this week, that Luna Azzura’s bimini has been ripped in pieces – damn! I asked him to close the sprayhood, which he did. Thank God we have him on site!

Dad’s Greetings from New Orleans

Autumn has definitely arrived in Switzerland…so I’m not very motivated anymore doing stuff outside! The sun is still shining, though, but the temperatures dropped – definitely too cold for my taste! Reason enough to do some naps and beg for goodies, like “poorest me”! Know what I mean?! *blink-blink*

My newest yummiest thing I discovered is oat milk! Boy, that’s soooooooooo goooooooooooooooood!! Nowadays, my Mum serves me a little tiny bowl every morning! (Hehe, got her…)

Anyway, some of you know that my Dad has been in New Orleans….well, Franklin…. for a week. Then, he contacted me a couple of days ago and asked me if I could prepare a new post. Yeah well, since I couldn’t be bothered hunting mice this week, I agreed and he sent me some pictures and a short text!

Sun, Wind and Thunderstorms in Sardinia – Part Three

 Friday, 28th September 2018
Since were so close to the base (the deadline to be back was 5 p.m., with a refueled BLUE MOON), we had plenty of time to enjoying a last swim and go snorkeling (ok, ok , without me….the water was to cold in my opinion). Patrik even filmed a stingray! Testing the drone turned out to be trickier, he was lucky “Farfalla” didn’t crash into the sea….Would have been a “perfect” ending for our holidays, right?! *hahaha*

Anyway, around 2.30 p.m. we decided to call it a day and headed for the gas station. We were the first ones (luckily, as it showed later) and soon we discovered why. The staff would be back at 4 p.m. – GREAT! So we sat there, waiting for more than an hour. More and more boats arrived and in the end it must have been around 10 vessels, anchoring everywhere and waiting for diesel! Gosh, were we pleased, to be # 1 in the queue!

When entering the marina, Constantino and a couple of other guys were already awaing the “returners”. It was very busy and we were lucky we got a good mooring, easy to navigate. Other boats weren’t so lucky and many had problems – or became nervous.

Sun, Wind and Thunderstorms in Sardinia – Part Two

We were stuck in the Marina of Santa Maria Navarrese! OK, the village was very nice, with enough lovely restaurants and (grocery) shops.

To visit this marina was planned indeed, but not staying for 3 nights! The weather was pretty rainy and windy and the marina filled up steadily with more boats, searching for shelter. The guy in the marina office told us, how unusual this kind of weather is in September….Climate change was greeting, also in Sardinia! Well, nothing we could do about it, than wait and try to keep our beds dry….

On Saturday, 22nd September 2018

Finally, the weather cleared up and the sun was showing itself, even the temperatures were rising! Let’s go then!!

We left mid morning and headed for an early anchoring in Punta Nera di Osalla. Swimming and splashing and being in the sun was our so longed for plan!! And Boy, did we enjoy the sunny and warm weather – it was just great!

Sun, Wind and Thunderstorms in Sardinia – Part One

Finally! It took some time to come home (mentally) and settle into the daily (business-) life again. Our Sardinia holidays are history and, although, it didn’t go at all as planned, we have some exciting stories to tell and many beautiful pictures and movies we want to show you!

Maybe, precisely because it didn’t go according plan, who knows?!

Sun, Wind and Thunderstorms in a good mix

Our Sardinia sailing holiday started with a mix of good and bad weather. Not as we would like to have it. As we are still underway I add some pictures as an appetiser.

Learning to Fly !

DJI Spark Drone

After completing the sailing licence a while ago, Patrik decided he wants to learn to fly…..with a drone! ?

Yes, he’s got a new toy since Monday and is happier than a little child on Xmas Day! Nevertheless, it took him a while to get the thing started. At least the lights are beautiful……but how the heck does it fly ⁉️

Almost two hours of intensive fiddling about later, the drone was finally in the air! Ok, it was a bit wobbly and bumpy at first, but hey, practice makes perfect! The next day he went to the vineyard close to us, to do some serious exercise and – ta-daaa – here comes the result!

Stop the Bloodbath

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