Trip to Mariehamn Åland

Mariehamn, Åland island.
I arrived home from Mariehamn late last night where I have been for an exhibition.
Normally it’s not me who’s going on the exhibition’s. But as  they speak Swedish on Åland and I have  some old contacts which came, as well old class mates from university (Marine academy in Gothenburg) it was not much of a choice. If you attend this kind of exhibition the connections and speaking Swedish is more or less mandatory. Not because they don’t speak English there. It is more that it’s a more relaxed exhibition than normally, here you chat with everyone even if it is only to say hi. As Åland is and Island country it is not that easy to come in and be accepted here. But when you are accepted  you have more or less friends or partners for life.

It Was A Short Week

Hi everyone!
We hope you also had a pleasant week! Ours was very short…..hmm…OK, mine was, as I took last Monday off, “poor” Patrik had to work!But I wasn’t lazy, on Monday I did the remaining laundry from our week in Loano.
Which was – as usual –  a lot (not only our clothes, but also towels and bed linen).
I even had the time to devote myself to my hobby, doing jewellery and key rings – a brand new design, by the way!
Tuesday was a working day, but on Wednesday it was 1st May and we weren’t working.
Each canton in Switzerland handles it differently actually.
We are lucky enough and life in one where the 1st of May is treated as a holiday!

Looking Back

Well, our holidays are almost over and we are home again!This weeks weather wasn’t what we hoped for. As soon as Michelle and Dounia had left on Easter Sunday, it changed during Easter Monday and the evening was rainy and grey. Which meant we haven’t done so much, except of scrubbing the boat in the afternoon.On Tuesday it was still raining (at least the wind had died down) and Patrik and I decided to drive to Savona to check out the shipyard. We want to sail Luna Azzurra there end of August/beginning of September, in order to lift her out of the water, clean the hull and repaint it with antifouling.Since we have three weeks holiday then, it would be perfect spending the first week in Savona, working on the boat and afterwards having two weeks for sailing!

Easter Greetings from Loano !

Happy Easter everyone! Since Thursday afternoon we are in Loano, staying on Luna Azzurra.
We are four this time: My “oldest” girlfriend Michelle – we know each other since kindergarten and a friend of hers, Dounia, are with us. Partly for a short holiday, on Sunday afternoon they will drive back to Switzerland – and partly to help us to mount the new bimini.
OR SO WAS THE PLAN! Another reason is that Michelle might rent Luna Azzurra during the summer with some friends, one of them has the sailing license, and she wanted to have a look at the boat and the marina.
What have we done so far?

A New Family Member !

We are very happy and proud to announce that a new member has arrived in our family…’s a….Volvo !Well, the main reason was Italy. Since we most probably will travel there more often now, we decided we need a “cheaper” car. Still big enough to load stuff – as we can with our Chevy – but one which isn’t as thirsty. We also have an Audi TT Roadster Cabriolet, but since it is a two-seater, it’s not very practical.Although, it’s a real fun toy, which suits Italy and its climate.Well, it’s obvious that we can’t have three cars and a Harley – so one had to go…. sadly it was our toy car! Since spring is coming, the chance of selling a cabrio was much higher than that of a heavy, 2 ton, always thirsty, American dinosaur

Visitors on Saturday Evening !

Visitors on Saturday Evening
Well no, no martens this time (although, we still hear them sometimes running around on the rooftop)!No, our dear neighbour – and Odins hero (catsitter) – Cony, her three children Tiana, Samuel and Kilian and Cony’s partner Lukas came to us for dinner. Their baby girl Lina was also with us, but she slept most of the time – with six months no surprise!We decided to do a homemade chilli si carne (of course), accompanied by a crisp sallad and  fresh (bought) bread, for our guests – a second version a bit less hot for Lukas. Apparently, he not very used to chilli and Co. No problem for us, of course!The benefit with this meal is, it can be easily prepared the day before and it actually tastes better by doing so. So Patrik was in the kitchen on Friday evening, cooking his tasty speciality.

Greetings from Italy !

We are in Loano and Borghetto Santa Spirito this weekend and wish you all an amazing time!

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