Our First Week

My brother André and his daughters Michèlle and Jacqueline arrived late afternoon last Sunday. After parking his car, unload it and got settled we finally clinked glasses and welcomed them on board Luna Azzurra!
According to their reaction they were very pleased with their accommodations and felt at home immediately.

That evening we ate out, unfortunately a bit too late, since we almost couldn’t find a table for five. But we were lucky in the end and enjoyed a nice dinner. Afterwards we did a bit of (window-) shopping and strolled around Loano and the promenade along the beach.

Here we go at last!

By now we are in Loano, on our beloved SY “Luna Azzurra”!

This time we drove a different way, more westerly. This in order to avoid Genova’s surroundings with its numerous building sites!

It took us 1.5 hours longer, but at least we could drive on and didn’t have to sit in traffic jams.

1st August – Swiss National Day

Yesterday Switzerland celebrated its 729th birthday and usually all big (and small) cities in Switzerland organize festivities for their citizens. There you’ll find (primarily) crowds, food stands, politicians holding speeches and amazing firework shows.

This year, though, due to Covid-19, all big celebrations have been cancelled.

Well, in my opinion, by not having these huge fireworks, it did something good for the environment and also for a lot of animals. But that’s my personal point of view.

Anyway, Patrik and I celebrated together with my parents at our place.

We invited them for dinner and – traditionally – had raclette. It’s cheese, melted in tiny pans, served with new potatoes and all kind of pickled veggies and spices.

Anniversary & a Gathering

This week was a little turbulent.
Patrik and I have decided to paint the facade of our house new and do the necessary maintenance simultaneously. So we started already last week to get offers from different companies, specialised in this kind work. It involved visits and showing them around.
It seems like it was worth it, and we are pretty sure who will get the job!
We also had to contact our local municipality, since we want to change the colour and it has to be approved. Our idea is a light mint green….not too crazy indeed. We definitely look forward to our newly painted house!


On Friday Lynn and Pascale had the afternoon off and went swimming and chilling at the beach. They deserved it!

In the evening we picked up pizzas and ate them on board.

When we saw that the most important work was done, we decided to treat ourselves on Saturday afternoon and we left the marina with Luna Azzurra. Sadly, there was no wind, so we had to use the engine to reach the anchor spot at Punta Crena. There we enjoyed the “dolce far niente” with swimming, sunbathing and having lunch, which even included a glass of prosecco. We had a really good time!

Ready – Steady – Go !

Right! This weekend Patrik and I are getting ready for next weeks trip to Loano and to Luna Azurra – FINALLY!

Our face masks are stashed as much as all the stuff for the boat, which is a lot!

Honestly, we are so excited that the time has arrived at last, we can hardly sit still 😉

In the eyes of farfalla

Hi everyone.

This week it is a short post with farfalla looking at the villige and the surroundings from above.

As we did not have much time to write a post we thought a short movie seeing the villige we live in from above. We have a drone named farfalla who made this possible. 

Stop the Bloodbath