Preparing for Loano

Time flies by when you are busy, doesn’t it!?

Well, good for us, that means our Christmas holidays are coming closer and we’ll soon drive to Loano!

The Mercury outboard engine has been delivered to the Marinas Office last Wednesday. Matteo informed Patrik and brought it to our garage – thanks a lot, Matteo!

The ordered towels have also arrived at our place – the just need to be washed and packed down again!

About the bimini and ordering a new one: We received the color samples, which look very promising. But we are still waiting for a price offer, in order to replace the sprayhood (only the cover) as well – maybe. This is still intact, though, but buying everything new would mean, we could have a total new color and wouldn’t have to try to match the new bimini to the existing sprayhood. Apparently, a new sprayhood cover wouldn’t be too expensive, but we’ll see after we get the offer…

Then, we bought some stuff at the sellout. Patrik and I realized that eventually we would need offshore jackets, as well (we already have coastal ones). So, luckily I’ve found a Henry Lloyd jacket in the correct size for me – half the price (!) and Patrik also found a jacket and pants from Gill. Unfortunately, they didn’t have his size anymore in the sellout, so he bit the bullet and ordered at the regular price. Pity! There are also some other parts included in the order, such as a holder for the outboarder, plus a boatswain chair.

We’ve read, by the way, that the Yacht Club at the Marina di Loano offers an exclusive New Years Dinner and we actually considered to participate. But only shortly! The price amounts to EUR 110.- per person – exclusive drinks! The food is most likely not à la carte, which means that I as a vegetarian would clearly have overpaid the whole fun. Thanks, but no thanks!

I’m sure Patrik and I will find a cozy little restaurant in Loano “downtown” and in case this will fail as well, we’ll surely enjoy a lovely meal on board our Luna Azzurra! It wouldn’t be the worst New Years Eve to be honest!

And since we’ll take Patrik’s old computer screen with us, we would even be able to watch a DVD!

Arrangements have also been made for Odin, of course! First we planned to take him with us. But then we realized we wouldn’t have enough time for him. And for the first time for him onboard a boat, I think it would be crucial to spend as much time as possible with him, and see how he feels and behaves.

Now, a friend of us – who also has holiday – will simply move into our house and enjoy a few quite days with reading, do handicrafts and being company to Odin – he’ll be thrilled, I’m sure of that and he won’t be alone on Christmas and New Years Eve!

Last but not least we are thinking about decorating Luna Azzurra with some Christmas lights. We would be the only illuminated yacht in the marina! Well, we still have to see, if and how….

Anyway, we wish you all a wonderful 3rd Advent weekend!

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