Purrs !

Furiends, it’s been a while but now it was my turn again to act as creative writer!

How did you cope during these C-word…-times? It seems it won’t be over soon – far from it!

Well, as for me, luckily it doesn’t affect me really. I still do my naps, get my beloved goodies and have my mum and dad around. Especially my dad, since he is working from home on Mondays and Fridays.

Apparently, it will be more often soon. I heard that he’ll have to drive to the company once a week only.

Suits me, it means I’ll get more goodies if I behave correctly (e.g. rub up against his legs as soon as he gets up)!

What else? Ah, have you seen that my house has a new colour? It looks awesome, doesn’t it? It was me of course, who had the final say!

So, and this weekend I’m all by my own! Mum and dad left yesterday afternoon to meet some friends in the Vosges, a mountain range in France. As far as I know they will be on a camping-site and go for walks…..

Booooring! I’m more than happy to be at home and have some peace and quiet! Plus I have the whole house for myself!

OK, grandma and grandpa are coming this afternoon to check on me and fill up my food and water bowls. AAAAND to spoil me with some goodies (hopefully they won’t forget this very important part)!

Otherwise I most likely will go outside every now and then, to check there is no invader in my garden!

Tomorrow my mum and dad will come home again! Of course I look forward, but “psssssst”, that’s our secret……….

You’re wondering why? Why the whole weekend plan is crossed over? Weeeeell, let me explain:

My dad felt apparently some sort of snuffles on Friday morning…but was it really that, or the C-word?? So he called my mum at work to let her know.

Simultaneously, at her work, the boyfriend of a colleage was tested positive on Thursday. So of course she stayed at home, feeling quite sick. She was booked for a corona test the same day. The result will be available on Monday.

Anyway, my mum and dad decided very spontaneously (and with a heavy heart) to cancel their trip to the Vosges. The risk to infect their friends was simply too high!

Sooo….. there goes my fabolous plan *sigh* 

On the other paw, I hope my dad “just” caught a simple cold! Claws are crossed  =^.^=

So long, my dear furiends!


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    • Doris Ziegler on October 25, 2020 at 1:21 pm
    • Reply

    oh, so schön das “neue” Haus! Es sieht so frisch aus!

    Bleibt gesund.
    Alles Liebe
    Doris & Karl ♥♥

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