Ready – Steady – Go !

Right! This weekend Patrik and I are getting ready for next weeks trip to Loano and to Luna Azurra – FINALLY!

Our face masks are stashed as much as all the stuff for the boat, which is a lot!

Honestly, we are so excited that the time has arrived at last, we can hardly sit still 😉

Although, last Wednesday, our plans suddenly were at risk! The Swiss government announced that, because of the newly rising COVID-19 infections, thougher policies will apply. So, they would for example publish a list with countries of risk. That, when returning from them, one had to have a 10 days quarantine…..

WHAAAT??!! I almost had a heart attack – or rather two! The list would be available on Thursday evening, so I nearly couldn’t wait for it and I drove Patrik almost crazy, I was so twitchy! And then finally, the relief: Italy is not mentioned on the list!! YEAH-YEAH-YEAH!! We are more than happy, as you can imagine 😊

So, on Wednesday afternoon Pascale and Lynn will arrive at our place as planned, and on Thursday morning – 05 o’clock – we’ll leave towards Italy. A six hours drive will be ahead of us with, hopefully, little traffic!

Sadly on Sunday we’ll already be heading home again….

However, since we are there to complete some important tasks on the boat, I doubt that we’ll find the time to write a blog next weekend. But we’ll take a lot of pictures, in order to do an awesome write-up the week after!

Having said this, we wish you all a cheery and sunny weekend and a wonderful time! Bye for now!

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    • Sigrid Ingeborg Starck on July 4, 2020 at 12:59 pm
    • Reply

    Hej Diana och Patrik.❤️
    Vi önskar er en jättefin “lill-semester” förstår att ni längtar till Loanu och Luna Azzura! Jag vet att ni har en del jobb men
    njut och ha det riktigt gott också!👍

    Kramar ❤️❤️
    Sigrid & Jörgen

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