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This week I would like to do a summary about me and homework. It is now one month.

Generally I like this way of working, but not five days a week. When working from home I missing the contact to colleagues at work. For me I would say three days a week from home and two at the office would fit me  the best.

But the biggest problem is that companies here in Switzerland have so little of experience with home office. The management fill up all our days with phone conferences. 

After eastern we have reduced our weekly working time with 35% which have nothing todo with the workload in the company. This is only to get the state to pay the 35% of the salary. 

Anyhow this means that we have less time to carry out or work. We have a lot of orders which must be produced but as it looks now most of them will be delayed.

When it comes to the meeting philosophy when working less hours. That haven’t improved at all.

It seems to be a generation or education problem, it seems to be cool to be on meetings and that this makes some people to feel important. 

Meetings can be good but must then produce improvements..

To summarize my home office month I have mixed feelings for sure, but this might as well have to do that I am tired of this corona by now. 

Still in the end I am a lucky one who are allowed to be outside without much of restrictions. What I miss is the freedom to shops or go to a restaurant, plus a hairdresser would be nice right now.

I wish Switzerland would open up as in Sweden.  I cannot see how this closedown will work. As we have no vaccine and might not have for a few years. Does all governments plan to closedown the world once a year until we have a vaccine and will the industry and people accept this once more?

I have only heard the Swedish authorities explain this straight out. As long we do not have no vaccine everyone must learn to live with the corona and respect it.

I am happy though that I don’t have it as in Italy, France, Spain etc.. I really feel for them and I wouldn’t stand it myself to have it like that.

So in the end I am and should be happy to have it like I have.



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