Summer Sailing 2021 (Episode 5)

It’s Saturday, 7th August, 09.00 a.m., and we’re more than ready to switch Portoferraio for Rosignano Solvay! Arrivederci, Elba!


The sun was shining and the waves were finally comfortable enough for a smooth passage. Even the winds were well-disposed to us, so we hoisted the genoa. Around eleven o’clock we were passing the canal between Elba, heading to the mainland, with waves no more than 1.20m high. It was really nice down-wind sailing! ⛵

At around 3 p.m. we were close to the Marina Cala di Medici and we started the engine and reefed-in the genoa. Half an hour later we were safely moored in the marina.


After the usual registration procedure, we had a look around the shops (still the same ones 😉, haha) and enjoyed an aperitif beside the pontoons with all the yachts lying there.

Tonight, we planned to have dinner at a small pizzeria we knew from our earlier visit in 2019. So we didn’t have to rush, but took it easy. Later we had a shower and soon were ready to go out. It took us about 15 minutes to get there.

We were seated at the tiny patio and again, we weren’t disappointed from the food and friendly service. No too much to choose from, but very tasty! And once again we noticed that we were the only non-Italians. An almost endless stream of locals also showed up, obviously to pick-up their ordered pizzas. It truly must be THE insider tip, by the looks of it!

However, it must have been around midnight when we returned to Luna Azzurra. Since we had quite a long journey ahead of us tomorrow, we went to bed directly – good night darling!

The next day (8th August) was a bit cloudy but nothing to worry about. And sure enough, after a while the sun was shining again. WOBBLE was done and after 10 a.m. we left the marina, heading for the Canale di Portovenere. The journey should take us about eight hours.

Sadly the wind was too poor for a successful sailing. We hoisted both sails anyway though, in order to safe some fuel.

At around four o’clock we passed Viareggio. ETA is still scheduled for +/- 6 p.m. and the sun was still beautifully laughing at us! 🌞

And so it happened, at approx. 6.30 we dropped anchor. It wasn’t easy to find a suitable spot, since there were many boats scattered around the canale. But we were lucky again and after taking the bearings we happily enjoyed our well-earned aperitif, while the evening sun shone on us!


A bit later I prepared a new dough for the next day and we cooked dinner! *yum-yum*

Afterwards we discussed the plan for the next day. It would be a non-stop/over-night sailing to Loano, arriving on the 10th of August. Finger’s crossed!

Certainly, we would have preferred following the coast line for a bit longer, perhaps add another night or two anchoring. But unfortunately, we were a bit under time pressure, since we planned to be home in Switzerland latest on Thursday, 12th August. On the 13th we needed to pick-up Odin 🐾

As usual, before heading home we wanted to do as much laundry as possible, plus Luna Azzurra had to be cleaned as well.

Anyway, we knew the trip to Loano would take about 12 hours. And since we weren’t keen on arriving in the middle of the night, we settled to leave Portovenere tomorrow evening, around 6 p.m. would be perfect!

Cool, that meant we could have a good long sleep-in the next day!

Said and done! The sun woke us around 9 and we took our time to get up, reading a bit (me a bit longer) and later preparing coffee (Patrik). Later I baked the bread (fantastico again 😄) and Patrik prepared a tomato sauce for our dinner, which would be gnocchi, salad, accompanied by freshly baked bread *mmhhh*

Faster than we thought, the day passed and suddenly it was time to leave. Bye everyone!

It was so incredibly kitschy, we literally sailed into the marvellous sunset, towards the open sea!


At around 7.30 we ate dinner – which was very tasty – made some coffee afterwards and just admired the beautiful surrounding. To top it all, dolphins suddenly showed up and stayed with us for a while 🐬

On we went and soon we sat in the dark, deciding who’s turn it was to sleep first. It was mine, from midnight until 03 a.m. *hehe*

 When it was my turn for the three hours night watch, we had a short briefing, but apparently nothing unusual had happened. ETA was meanwhile approx. 7.30 a.m., since we’d reduced the speed a bit.

Allrighty then, sleep well, älskling!

Of course, my watch wasn’t boring at all (I wish it was). We were in the middle of the fairway from/to Genoa (and later Savona) with loads of ferries and the odd cruiser or containership. In between were also small(-er) fishing boats. I was praying that all of them had their lights on…..

Also, this time we didn’t have a radar, only the AIS. (For me it would be the last night sailing without a radar, that’s for sure!).

I also had to wake up Patrik twice, since the plotter shut down (it was his with HIS fingerprint code on the tablet – smart).


Anyway, we made it to Loano in the end and at 8.15 we switched off the engine. The sun was already up and a bright day was awaiting us!

Some people also were already up and busy, some waving to us their greetings! Ciao amici!

Well, the remaining time we spent with cleaning, washing and packing our stuff!


On the 12th August, 10 a.m., we were ready to head home. Most of all we looked forward to see our Odin again 💕! Hopefully everything went well at the cat hotel, and he was still the same!                                            Little did we know….. 😿


Altogether, we experienced once again fantastic summer holidays and enjoyed the Med and our Luna Azzurra very much!

What worries us increasingly, though, is the (plastic) pollution. Since we started sailing, we are much more sensibilized and shocked over and over, at how littered the sea is. And how little people care!

As we haven’t sailed the “big oceans” yet, we only know from the media, what dramas are happening around the world. Massive destroying and killing – be it for profit or ignorance – and daily precious live is silently disappearing……..

I’m more than stunned about how little is still being done to protect our oceans! How much longer can we wait? When do we finally react? When do we realize that everyone needs to do their part to safe our planet?

We hope very soon – for the oceans  🦈🦞🐳🦀🐬

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