The 2nd Week

Still enjoying my vacation – and time flies by….

It was Patrik’s (psssssst….53rd) birthday on Monday, so I prepared a nice dinner for us. But we also went out last Saturday evening, to pre-celebrate a little.

Otherwise I was busy with painting, cleaning the car, my mum visited one afternoon, I went to see a girlfriend…well, I’m not bored, let me tell you!

I also got the good news on Thursday, that Chaco – the horse with the terrible accident on New Years Eve – was allowed to go home! I might visit him (and Sabine, his owner) next week.

Unfortunately, the weather has been a bit depressing this week: A painting kept in grey nuances….

Not even Odin was very motivated to leave the house. He sleeps most of the day – well, that’s what cats do, right?!

Wish you all a wonderful weekend!








  1. I found your blog on Google. Good Job!

    1. Thank you 😊

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