The 3rd Week

Gosh! It’s unbelievable how time flies…..

The three weeks are already history and on Monday I’ll start my new job!

Of course I’m excited about it, but at the same time I feel like I could have done with a couple of weeks off longer… Yeah, well, everything comes to an end!

This week I finally visited Cony, our dear cat sitter and friend, who moved away last summer! She lives now on a farm, which her partner owns and their income is to produce and sell goat milk.

Of course she had to show me around and I was very pleased to see, how the animals are kept. A lot of natural light and enough space to move around. Usually, the goats are allowed to be outside, but the weather wasn’t ideal that day, that’s why they were inside.

It also made me happy to see that their five cows have horns! These days it’s more often that you see them without their “crown”, it’s very sad! The goats grow no horns due to their race.

The chickens are also allowed to go outside if they please, but apparently, they also preferred to be inside and not getting cold and wet feet!

So Cony and I enjoyed the afternoon together and gossiping, it was fun!

Unfortunately, Patrik caught a cold beginning of this week and on Wednesday I had it as well! Damn….bad timing, indeed, since Monday is just a couple of days away…!!

Nevertheless, on Wednesday afternoon Sabine (her with the horses) and Gaby (she also used to ride) came to visit me. I’d baked some vegan chocolate-muffins in the morning and we enjoyed them and each others company during the afternoon. In the evening I met a friend, who works with the company I’ve left. We had some dinner and talked about this and that….

Well, maybe that was a bit too much, because on Thursday I felt worse and since then I try desperately to get rid of the damn cough and running nose!

Also unfortunate is, that Patrik has to travel to Turkey on Sunday until Wednesday. So after my first day at my new work, I can’t even tell him, how it went!

However, my spirits are high and I look very forward to my new challenge! We wish you all a great weekend and stay safe and sound!



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