The Feast of Love – or is it?

Everyone can feel it, something is in the air! Christmas is on its way and if you like it or not, you are involved. Christmas songs are played on the radio and on TV it’s almost impossible to see a not-Christmas-related movie.

Some love this time of the year and some are less enthusiastic about it. I count myself to the latter. Mostly, because I don’t like the winter, it’s too dark and usually cold. I reckon I’m the only one who doesn’t like snow either… at least amongst my family and friends.

We don’t have any yet, though!


Christmas is approaching slowly and people are excited to start planning menus for the festivities. Of course it must be something special and plenty of it. Guests are invited and as a good host you want to give your best – maybe even show off a little bit!

Well, nothing wrong about that! But are people aware that at no other time of the year so many animals are slaughtered?

Lobsters and other – often exotic – marine animals have to let their lives, not to mention the cruelty of foie gras or even frog’s legs! Suddenly, people are buying gourmet food, which they normally would never purchase, and animal welfare is not so important anymore….”ah, it’s just once a year!”, is an often used expression.

Does it justify the abundance of meat and fish? And how much of all that will be thrown away after the festivities? Food waste is one of the worst things in our society, in my opinion.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying everyone has to be a vegetarian, but are these masses animal products really necessary?

Christmas presents are a similar topic. Why does the key ring or the pompon on your bonnet have to be real fur? Or on the hood of your new jacket? Does anyone care, where these furry accessories are coming from? Even if they are dyed in fancy colors, pink, yellow and turquoise, it once belonged to an animal, who suffered a terrible live and death! Nowadays, no one can say “I didn’t know”. Everyone knows about this cruel industry, and it’s pure arrogance and disinterest if one is buying these products regardless.

The same problem about certain type of leather, such as crocodile and snake. Why does the watch strap or belt have to be made in such an exotic leather?. If one would know how these croc and snake farms look like, I’m sure many would withstand buying such a product.

Well, that’s apparently the other – not so shiny – side of Christmas. When looking through the eyes of an animal, destined to end up on someones plate or neck, the term “Feast of Love” suddenly doesn’t fit so perfectly anymore.

Maybe one or another will pause for a moment, in the midst of the festivity preparing, and will come to the conclusion that one of the courses could be replaced with a tasty vegetarian alternative. Finding recipes won’t be a problem, the internet is full of ideas.

Compliment to everyone, who dares to try something new! You can only win, that’s certain…

In this spirit, we wish everyone a merry pre-Christmas period!




    • Sigrid Starck on December 8, 2018 at 5:40 pm
    • Reply

    Hej på er. ?

    Det är sorgligt att djuren ska behandlas på ett sånt grymt sätt! Har har inte ord för det. ??
    Vi önskar er en trevlig helg!
    Sigrid och Jörgen ??

    1. Hejsan!
      Alltid bra att veta att det finns människor som er, som känner med oss. Kanske någon dag blir det en bättre värld…

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