Jul 22 2017

To Guest on S/V “Blue Moon” – Part 8

May 26th 2017

Friday morning, 8 o’clock! Although, the sun welcomed us again, we felt a bit sad. It was our last day out sailing. At five we had to be back at the marina in Cannigione and tomorrow we had to say goodbye to “Blue Moon”…

As usual we had our juice and coffee, did the dishes, completed WOBBLES (still everything in order) and lifted the anchor at 9.40.

We soon realised that the sea hadn’t calmed down as we had hoped. The wind was still a force 4 to 5 and the waves were still present. That meant no lazying around on the trampoline – what a pity!

Instead, I tried to do pictures and movies, as best as possible. Quite a tricky thing, I must say… Patrik steered “Blue Moon” steadily towards Cannigione, first with both sails hissed. It proofed to become too uncomfortable, with the rocking and shacking, so took down the mainsail. With only the jib out, we started the starbord engine, and tried motor sailing for a while.

At around 1 p.m. we passed “Passo del Bisce”, then the island “Isola Cappuccino”. Unfortunately, there was no invitation for a cappuccino, so we carried on…

Around 2 o’clock Cannigione and it’s surroundings came in sight. We headed for the service station first, in order to fill up the diesel tanks. This was tougher than we thought, cause just when we entered the small harbour, nasty gusts of winds had started and we kept drifting away. Luckily, there was an employee there, helping us with the mooring and refuelling. GRAZIE MILLE, AMICO!

We only needed about 34 litres, which costed us ca. EUR 62.00 – what a happy surprise, how little diesel we had used!

Then, just around the corner, “our” marina came in sight and with it Constantino and another guy, both busy. When they saw us, he waved and pointed out our jetty. Well, easier said than done, with up to 15 knots of wind force! Bloody hell….

After a bit of a tohu-bohu, we finally managed to secure “Blue Moon” safely at the pier – the time was about 2.30 p.m. when we stopped the engines.

Just after that Enzo arrived and together with Constantino had a first look at the yacht, also asking, if everything went ok! A bit baffled they looked at us and asked , if we did anything else, than cleaning… In their opinion the cat was so surprisingly clean, something they apparently rarely see after a week of charter.

Enzo then told us, that since “Blue Moon” wasn’t rented the following week, we wouldn’t have to rush the next morning with leaving. If 10 or 11 would be OK for us?! Yeah, wow great! Of course!! We thanked him and were more than happy about this news!

One – not unimportant – defect we had to tell them, though: There was a water leak under the starbord side bed (where we slept). From day one on we were hearing the pump, more or less constantly. After a few days Patrik found out that the fresh water system was leaking, therefore the pump was constantly working. Not only was it a bit difficult to sleep sometimes, but also our fresh water had disappeared with an incredible speed.

We refilled in “Porto Ottiolu”, (to a total of more than 700 litres of water) and 24 hours later two third of it was gone….. But except of that, “Blue Moon” had served us well and we were more than satisfied!

After telling them about our amazing week, some good laughs and answering some questions, Patrik and I decided to visit Luciana at the office. There we were warmly welcomed and she wanted to know, how the week was! We told her what a fantastic time we’ve had and how sad we were, that it was already over.

She asked us about our plans for the evening and highly recommended a newly opened restaurant, just beside the marina.

Well, why not? Since we didn’t have any fresh food left onboard, it seemed like a good idea eating out. So we had a lovely shower – after a well deserved aperitif of course – and off we went, to the “Ristorante Acqua Marina”. And it IS a wonderful place, indeed! An old boat, fixed at the pier, with a romantic entrance, lit with candles and being onboard, the stuff welcomes you warmly.

Since we were the first guests, we could choose were we wanted to sit. At the front, with the big window, looking out over the darkening harbour and sea was our choice. Then we ordered a glass of prosecco each and started to explore the menu card.

After ordering – veggie for me was no problem – another couple had arrived, they took the table beside us. After a short while, another couple joined them, friends apparently. We quickly realised that they were no ordinary guests: Several times the chef came rushing to them, taking orders, asking if everything was fine…almost kneeling beside them.

It was quite amusing for us to watch and we really started to wonder, who these VIP’s were. Well, up until today, we never found out…

Anyway, after dinner, an espresso and THREE grappas (two of them offered from the house), we were ready for bed! The bill was surprisingly low…but who knows how long?! This marvellous, little restaurant could easily develop to a hot spot!

As for us, we had our last night on board “Blue Moon”. So “buona notte” and sleep well, everyone!  *yawn*  🌜✨





  1. Danke euch! Ja, hoffentlich seht ihr das auch mal live!

    • Ziegler Doris on July 23, 2017 at 9:33 am
    • Reply

    Hallo ihr zwei!

    Schöne Fotos!
    Man sieht es euch an, wie glücklich ihr auf der “Blue Moon” wart!!
    Im Ristorante Aqua Marina hätte es uns auch gefallen! sooo schön!
    Super, euer Bericht!
    Doris & Karl

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