Trunk Market – a Review

First of all, let me tell you, it was a VERY VERY hot day!

I, therefore (or more likely everyone), didn’t count on many visitors….who wanted to be in a sticky building, when you have the chance to cool down in a lake or river? Frankly, I would have chosen the latter….

Anyway, at 08.45h Patrik and I arrived at the Casino in Frauenfeld, where the market was. There we were friendly greeted by the organizers and they offered to help to find my table – which was upstairs. Lucky it was, cause there we had an AC running!

I started to set up my booth and arranged everything neatly, with the help of Patrik. It took a bit longer than I thought, but in the end I was happy with the result and he said good bye. He would be back around three, in order to pick me up again.

Still a bit shyly, me and my nearest neighbors introduced ourselves and admired each other’s work. During the day, we turned out to be a funny bunch and had a few good laughs!

Just before ten o’clock the doors opened and – surprise, surprise – we had visitors, despite the already built up heat outside! And they were even in a buying mood! A good friend of mine surprised me with her visit and an order for a necklace! Thank you, Sabine !

Suddenly, a newspaper guy introduced himself and wanted to do an interview with us and take some pics! Haha, it was quite funny (in the end, he almost didn’t want to leave again)!

My parents and my sister in law also came for a visit (thanks again for coming and for the purchase). I took the chance to buy some handmade soap for myself and had quick look around the other exhibitors, while my mum watched over my things ! I was very impressed again, about the hundreds of unique ideas and fondly produced items presented – awesome!

Lunch time came and it became a bit more quiet, and most of us thought, well, that’s probably it. The temperatures outside had risen to approx. 36 deg. C – CRAZY!

We “neighbours” took the chance to chat with each other, learned where we all came from and how businesses were! We also swapped cards…you never know!

Then, after two, a second wave of visitors had arrived and admired our crafted items. Only the last 40 minutes wouldn’t end – at four o’clock the market was supposed to be finished.

At least Patrik had already arrived and waited patiently. Then it was time, our organizer – Daria – said a few words and thanked everyone that we came, despite the temperatures!

Packing together went quite quick and so I said my good byes to the others and we left!

All in all it was a good day for me, the costs for the table (CHF 30.-) were earned and I’ve even made a nice profit!

For the evening I had booked a table in the restaurant in our village. So Patrik and I enjoyed a wonderful summer evening, sitting outside in their charming courtyard, eating a tasty summer salad! What else does one need?

Bye everyone and enjoy the sunny side of the year – I will definitely do so!


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