One Week to Go!

Since we’ll skip Corse (again), Patrik figured out a new sailing route and we both are very excited to visit – among other things – the Leaning Tower of Pisa and see the famous coast of Cinque Terre.

Then, we’ll continue our journey further south to Elba, leisurely sail around it, with hopefully some beautiful anchor spots to spend the nights and swim during the days.

A Chat with Odin

Me:       Odin, listen, I need to talk to you

Odin:     Yeah? What is it?

Me:       Well, you know….Dad and I are going on vacation soon

Odin:     Yes, I thought so. But our neighbours will look after me as usual, no?

Me:       I’m sorry sweetie. Not this time. They are going away too

Odin:     No problem, I’ll look after the house and garden. Nothing new here…

Ecosia vs Google

Who doesn’t need Google sometimes……..or often (like me)?

I bet it happens countless times, daily or weekly and often we won’t give it a second thought.

Got the needed info – done!

A few months ago, someone at work suggested to use Ecosia instead of Google. But why? Well, one good reason is, it plants trees! 🌳

Top 7 Upgrades on Luna Azzurra

Certainly, we also did a lot of maintenance. Such as cleaning her hull and put some new antifouling on it, in 2019. A new bimini and sprayhood, also in 2019. Changed quite a few sheets and this year we did the service on the mainsail. Also, Patrik finally replaced the old gas hoses  and a new horseshoe buoy has been bought! And we bought a new matrass for the master cabin (one who lies on top of the existing one).

So, people writing about living on board are probably right, when saying, it never gets boring, there is always some work to be done! It seems to be the case, indeed!

Upgrading instruments onboard

As Luna Azzurra is 16 years of age it start to be time to upgrade all electronics onboard. With electronics I mean the course computer, autopilot, wind instrument, speed and deep instrument, radar and the plotter.

To do all this is quite expensive so we decided to spreed this over a few years instead. All the instruments onboard is still working good but better upgrade slowly before we run in to trouble and some of them stop working.

Nightly Hunt in the Bedroom!

On Wednesday night, just after 02.30 a.m. I woke up and started to read for a while, in order to get me sleepy again. Quite an annoying habit!

However, suddenly something brushed my arm. Yikes! What the heck was that?! First, I thought it might have been a moth. When I turned around and shone the iPad light to the floor, I saw “something” quickly disappear around the bed corner 🤔


Weeding also seems a never-ending story when you have a garden. This time Patrik aligned himself to this task. Well done, darling 😅

On Sunday I took the opportunity and spent the afternoon on my sunlounger, accompanied by my book.

Along the way we continue to watch the development in Italy and its regulations regarding COVID-19 closely. So far it looks good 😎

Stop the Bloodbath