Ready – Steady – Go !

Right! This weekend Patrik and I are getting ready for next weeks trip to Loano and to Luna Azurra – FINALLY!

Our face masks are stashed as much as all the stuff for the boat, which is a lot!

Honestly, we are so excited that the time has arrived at last, we can hardly sit still 😉

In the eyes of farfalla

Hi everyone.

This week it is a short post with farfalla looking at the villige and the surroundings from above.

As we did not have much time to write a post we thought a short movie seeing the villige we live in from above. We have a drone named farfalla who made this possible. 

An Ordinary Week

On Friday and today Sweden celebrates Midsommar! That’s Midsommarafton on Friday and Midsommardagen on Saturday (which actually stands for “recovering from yesterday” 😉).

When Patrik and I moved to Switzerland, we kept this tradition a for a couple of years. Preparing the typical Midsommar food, which is new potatoes cooked in saltwater with dill, sill (pickled mackerel), cooked eggs and fresh strawberries with whipped cream.

The Anticipation Is Rising Even More!

And suddenly a third one had be added: Lynn, a good friend of hers, who we also know, will join us! On Thursday evening they met and Pascale asked her! And on Friday morning I had a message on my mobile from a excited Lynn 😊

Cool, I really look forward to meet the two again and spend a few days together. Even when Patrik and I will have to work on the boat. They are free to help us, or enjoy the surroundings of the marina. At least the evenings will be ours!

Inspiring Prep Time

You know, winding off the whole anchor chain on to our pontoon, rinse off the sea water, let it dry and then mark every ten meter with colour. Let it dry again and – voilà – a whole day would have been wasted successfully used!

On second thoughts, however, this procedure has to be done every, or every second year. Plus, what’s more worrying, the tiny colour particles would be lost in the oceans and consequently pollutes it with microplastic! Not a sexy thought!

And the colourful plastic clips you can buy and attach to the chain will surely get lost sooner or later – so no option either!

Well, therefore we decided to buy a whole new remote control, incl. counter! (pssst…. Plus we only have to do the work ONCE, which probably will take a day too, but that’ll be done once and for good …hehe 😉!)

Holiday & homework.

Time for my holiday which was planned in since long ago with the idea to be in Italy sailing to San Remo. As everyone knows by now this was not possible due to the corona crisis. I could not as Diana cancel or move my holiday. So I took the opportunity together with Odins amazing …

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Happy Day !

Thursday was a holiday this week, therefore, Patrik and I took Friday off as well.

The whole week the weather did what it was supposed to do at this time of the year: Shine and be warm!

Well, until Saturday afternoon at least, then it changed to rain and the temperatures dropped below 20 deg. C. So today we have a mix with clouds, sunshine and rain. Tomorrow should be better again according to the forecast.

Anyway, on Thursday afternoon Patrik and I visited my parents! They invited us for pizza to say thank you, as we did some grocery shopping for them a while ago.

Meanwhile they do their shopping by themselves again, with the necessary caution of course.

Stop the Bloodbath