Back from my Mexico trip

After I was finished in Mexico I drove first up to Bakersfield California for one day of work. The day after I drove further north up to San Francisco where I had a hotel one night close to Fisherman’s Wharf.

When arriving San Francisco it was really cold 17-18°C and really windy. First time I needed a jacket.

Time Goes On

I also finally received the long awaited consignment from Letters Unlimited Inc., situated in the US. I’ve ordered tape to do the new waterline on the boat. We couldn’t find this specific colour as paint, so we’ll try with this one. According to them it’s suitable for boats as for cars. I definitely look forward to see Luna Azzurra after her make over 😍

Another week has gone

Our new backyard looks a bit different than in Switzerland. Fishes are swimming around the boats (haven’t found out what they are called yet), and the flora under water has its own fascination. Are these anemones? Small fishies are hiding inside their tentacles and bigger ones are feeding on them. Really interesting and sweet to watch the underwater life 🐟🐚

So Far so Good

The first nights were the worst, though. I suddenly heard noises like never before (or so I thought… 😮). Is there someone on deck? Is this one of our lines slapping against the mast, or a neighbour’s boat? (Turned out it was us, sorry folks…). Did the fridge always sound like this? And suddenly you remember all the horror movies….😱 I swear I would have heard mice fart, if we had some onboard 🐭 *hahaha*

My first work trip from Loano

After little more than a week in Loano it was time for my first work trip. As I am used to do this in Switzerland where I know and trust how to come to the airport it. This was a new learning where I had to travel with some extra spare time calculated in.

My former experience with the Italian trains and its punctuality is not that great I booked a really early train with heaps of spare time.

Home Sweet Home

We’re very busy with organizing our new life on board Luna Azzurra. The tricky thing is to set priorities. But that’s exactly the hard thing, since everything seems important and needs to be done at once…

Two weeks ago we did a quick trip to Loano with a rental bus, getting everything – and I mean EVERYTHING – we plan to have on board into our garage. And boy, it is a lot….Patrik and I said more than once, we need a bigger boat… 😮

A Wet Surprise and a Happy End!

On the home stretch until the tenants moving in today, a water leakage into our cellar was detected last week!! The water came from outside and miraculously found its way under the threshold into the cellar 😨

The floorer, Stefan, who’s plan was to do some minor repairs in this area (plus a new carpet upstairs in the house), discovered it last Thursday (March 09) and called me immediately. 

Stop the Bloodbath