An Arch for Luna Azzurra

Patrik and I always agreed that we cannot avoid the fact that sooner or later we’ll need an arch for Luna Azzurra.

It sits pretty high up on our “to do” list. Together with a water maker, inverter, lithium batteries, LED lamps, electric toilets, electric stove, new salon upholstery, ….… *whoops*

Particularly, we want to have a proper spot for the dinghy, which – so far – was lying on the deck and was more or less a nuisance. Not only does it take a lot of space, but it’s always such a hassle to get it into the water and haul it up on deck again.

It Continues

Well, meanwhile we’ve arrived in 2021!

We hope you also had some relaxing time off and had a smooth start into the new year!

Meanwhile the work at our damaged floors has continued. The laminate has been removed, the insurance has visited us and gave their thumbs up to continue.

On Tuesday, 05th January, the humidity removal firm has drilled five holes and installed the hose, in order to dry the inside of the floor. That “beautiful” construction will stay for a week or two. At least it doesn’t make too much sound…

About the *** Flooding

It was after five p.m. I came home from work and fed Odin. After I filled his water bowl, I realised the sound of water running. But where did it come from?

The source was quickly discovered: Under the kitchen sink. When I opened the drawer there was water running and quickly flooding the bottom. It ran behind the kitchen combination, dishwasher etc.

It was an unreal sight and I thought I must be dreaming!! What has happened? Where is the water leak? Where does it come from? WHY THE HELL DOES THIS HAPPEN TO ME!?!?! WHY!!

I went down to the cellar and saw that the water already leaked through the ceiling, flooding the fuse box, and the floor! WHAAAAT? NONONONOOOOO!! STOOOOP!!!!



Let it be a better one than 2020

Visiting Luna Azzurra

I departed from home Saturday the 12th of December around 9:00 in the morning. I did a first stop at the bakery close by to purchase a bread for a few days and a sandwich for my drive down.

It was a nice day. OK a little cloudy and some drops of rain when I left. But the weather improved as closer to the alps I came. When I was on the top the sky was relatively blue. This some snow beside the road though.

I arrived Loano approximately 14:30 in the afternoon. This was a new record for the drive down. Was not much of cars on the road at all. Don’t know if this might be a covid reason. Nowadays to be allowed to enter Italy you must do a covid quick test, fill in a travel form.  This to be emailed to the local health authorities in Ligurian before enter.

How is Kelly doing?

Some of you are maybe wondering, if I’m still horseback riding.
Well, sadly not anymore! But I’m glad it has a happy reason behind it. Kelly, the Welsh pony, which I was riding was rightfully retired in 2018!

Even though she was still in top form for her 26 (!) years, she’s born 29th August 1992, her owner, Sabine, detected “carpal arthrosis”. This handicap couldn’t be ignored and she decided that Kelly couldn’t be ridden anymore.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough grazing land available, so the next best solution was to move Kelly to the famous horse sanctuary LE ROSELET.

Reorganization in the Galley….erm Kitchen

When living on board it’s very important to store food like pasta, rice, flour, sugar, muesli….you name it, safely in a container. Not only to keep it dry and fresh, but also to prevent it from getting bugs inside the package.

(Well, apparently insects are a healthy protein source…. But luckily I’m vegetarian/vegan and don’t eat animals….. so, thanks but no thanks 😉)

Stop the Bloodbath