A New Effort to Help

If you’re a European citizen and want to protect the sharks, please click on the link above 🦈

A total of over one million signatures have been reached this week! Deadline is 31st January 2022.

Signing these petitions is for a good cause. Not only for the animals, but also to make our planet a tiny bit better.

No compassionate human being wants to see disturbing pictures!


Shattered Plans

Actually, Patrik and I wanted to visit the international boat fair in Dusseldorf, which should have happened between 22nd and 30th January 2022.

Last September I booked a nice hotel near the exhibition grounds, from 26th – 29th January. Just in time!  And I bought tickets for the 27th and 28th. We quickly realized that two days is the minimum one needs – the event is monstrous!

Welcome to 2022!

Some sunny day we just went for a walk and enjoyed the sunrays on our faces. After we returned to the boat, Patrik took the chance and replaced the two old rubber seals in the deck hatches. One started to leak a little and it would be a shame to ruin the new salon upholstery (…..or having suddenly to sleep in a water bed…. 😱). We also finally managed to mount the push buttons on the sprayhood.

Christmas Update

It’s Sunday, 26th December and we are – ta-daaaaaaaa – in Loano, visiting Luna Azzurra!

Since there were endless changes and updates about the new omicron-corona rules, particularly how to get home again, we weren’t sure if the trip would be possible. Well, without too much hassle that is.

So, it wasn’t until last Monday, that we definitely decided we would drive to Italy! After we booked a time for a corona test on Friday afternoon, everything was settled.

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year

Home office onboard Luna Azzurra in Loano

During the trip I also checked out a store in Varese where we in the future can stop for grocery shopping. This will make life easier in the future when traveling down. No need to go shopping after arrival onboard. The good thing we pass this grocery shop anyway on our way so no extra kilometers for this.


If it’s true what they promise, each batterie can be charged up to 1200 times! This would be amazing and saves not only resources, but also money.

Although, they come not cheap but in the end it will be worth it – well, hopefully 🍀

So far we are satisfied and enjoy the little extra lights in our house, especially during the dark winter months

Stop the Bloodbath