Along the French Riviera & Côte d’Azur – Part Three

e took the dinghy and visited the Île de Porquerolles, strolled around and bought some fresh salad, fruit and bread. We also had lunch at the restaurant L’Orangeraie, which was outstanding! The especially for me created vegan meal was amazing! 🤩

After two o’clock we were back and started to get ready for our journey to La Grande Motte. A night sail was planned, and ETA was estimated for the next afternoon! Perfect 👍 Patrik had booked two nights in the marina. And Pascale’s train from Montpellier was leaving on the 23rd, after 3 p.m. Plenty of time!

Along the French Riviera & Côte d’Azur – Part Two

First we had to buy a new gas bottle (well two actually!) and bread. It was a long walk in the end to a “nearby” (depends if you have a car or not) shopping mall. At least we found what we were looking for and returned happily to our boat and enjoyed a well-deserved dinner!

Along the French Riviera & Côte d’Azur – Part One

We’re back, after three and a half weeks on board Luna Azzurra. Amazing, how fast time flies! 

This time our friend Pascale from Luxembourg joined us the first ten days. She came by train on August 12th and together we drove to Loano the day after. 

We planned to sail to La Grande Motte, where she would take the train from Montpellier on August 23 and – via Paris – travel back to Luxembourg. She had already organized her trip home, bought her tickets and so on 🚂

One Year……

….has passed since you crossed the rainbow bridge.We miss you dearly, Odin 🖤🤍

Two weeks in Tallahassee, Florida

This time it was for a trip to the capital of Florida named Tallahassee. Can imagine not many knows that. i didn’t either before looking in to this before my trip.

I alway try to read myself in to the places I visit before my trips so I have some kind of understanding before I arrive.

Furry Holiday Guests

Both were born as feral cats and Manu rescued them in the end. They are approx. 10 months young.

In the beginning they were very shy, and almost didn’t dare to leave the cellar and explore the rest of our house.

But Shinzõ is the tougher one, so he was first going around, being curious. Chuí followed on Sunday night. Still very careful, but bravely following her brother upstairs.

IKEA did the Trick

It had to be light, preferably transparent and the right size.

Since we didn’t have a particular product in our mind or knew what we were looking for until we saw it, we literally combed through IKEA. We found a few other handy things on our search. Such as the “laundry octopus”, two big containers to store empty bottles and cans while sailing (yes, plastic, I know…. 😳), and some small organizers made of bamboo.

Stop the Bloodbath