November 9, 2019 archive

About Scorpios….

Already November – can you believe it?

Well, that means not only cold and unpleasant weather, it’s also the month’s with most birthdays in our family!

On Thursday, the 7th, it was my dad’s and yesterday it was mine! On the 26th it’s my brothers birthday (OK, he doesn’t belong to us Scorpios anymore). Then, there are many friends and acquaintances also celebrating their big days in November! A party month actually, hahaha….

Anyway, since my birthday happened to be on a Friday this year, my parents, Patrik and I decided to take the chance and go out for dinner! My mum booked a table in a lovely Italian restaurant in Winterthur a week ago – since it is quite small, you have to be in good time to book a table.  Thanks again, Mams. It’s called “Cantinetta and offers specialities from Tuscany – yummyyyy!

At 19h we met at the restaurant – inside – since the weather was typical november-ish with rain and only approx 3 deg. C! *brrrrrrrrrr* 

With a glass prosecco as aperitif, we chose our dinner and a suitable wine. It actually took some time, despite the small menu card – small but nice, indeed!

Anyway, starting with a sallad followed by a very tasty main course we enjoyed a lovely evening together. The staff was exceptionally pleasant and attentive.

We finished our dinner with a espresso each and went outside – into the chilly evening. Together we walked for a short distance until is was time to say good bye. My parents came by bus and Patrik and I had our car.

Wish you all a cozy weekend, so long!


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