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Helmsman seat status

As you probably already have heard, we or I lost our helmsman seat overboard last summer.

The helmsman seat was really bad in swimming. We did not manage to get it back onboard as it sunk so quick.

We have tried to find a new to buy but nowhere to be found, not even at Bavaria direct.

It is not really a necessary part of Luna Azzurra but it is quite convenient to have.

Nice when you are relaxing back there or when in a marina with high pontoons. We can place a gangway from this helmsman seat over to the pontoon.

Last summer when we visiting San Remo this was the case and even though it did work without. The slope or angle we had between Luna Azzurra and the pontoon was really big.

So not that comfortable to walk on.

When I was in Loano, February I brought some balsam wood with me. The wood was so I could build a core and cut it in correct dimensions. The result in picture below.

When home again I added a few pieces and grind it so it was even.

Then it was time for adding glassfiber and epoxy on the balsam core. I use West System 105 resin and 209 as hardener. The 209 as hardener I used because it was many years since last time I did something like this and as the 209 harden much slower this gives me more time to work with the mixture.

After two layers of glassfiber and epoxy I was grinding it to get a nicer surface.

After that I added two more layer of glassfiber / epoxy all around the new helmsman seat.

At this stage I am as far that I will only add one layer with epoxy without the glassfiber, then I will grind it with some fine 200 paper to make a nice surface.

The fine surface will be needed so the gelcoat which is coming on top will bond good on the glassfiber.

This will make it look like the rest of Luna Azzurra both in color and feeling.

If everything is going good we will be able to have the seat with us when we visit Luna Azzurra middle of May.

After this visit I hope to be able to show the end result with the helmsman seat in place.


Time Travel

A while ago, Patrik and I visited my parents. We talked about this and that, about old vacation and so on. Until my mum suddenly presented an old postcard……..

We were dumbstruck, because it shows the coastline of Loano, but back from the seventies!



No marina, no hotels (none that’s visible anyway), no tourist industry. Only a few fishing boats. It looks like a peaceful, sleepy and quaint little village. The ancient cathedral, Convento di Monte Carmelo, is about the only recognisable building in the picture, plus probably the big white building, which is the Villa Chiara today, a B&B.

The story to the card is actually simple: Back in 1977 me (10 years old), with my parents, my two younger brothers and my auntie were on vacation in Borghetto Santo Spirito – the village west of Loano.

Back then, our neighbours – who were Italians – owned an apartment there. So, my family took the opportunity and rented it for a week.

Here are a couple of photos from the balcony’s view and the beach of Borghetto Santo Spirito. Look at those vintage cars *hahaha*. In the background of the first one you can just make out Gallinara, the small island outside Albenga. Also, the Castello Borelli is visible, built in the 19th century, sitting prominently on its cliff.

Naturally, I never forgot that I was on holiday in Italy when I was a kid. But it totally slipped my mind, where we were. It didn’t seem very important anyway, after all these years – well, until now!

After slowly digging up more and more memories, and after many light bulb moments, we had such a good laugh and simply couldn’t believe it! How little the world is sometimes, isn’t it?!

I mean, out of all places in Italy, in 2018 Patrik and I decided to have our boat in Loano! How crazy is that? After forty-one years being there again and seemingly not knowing anything about it, much less recognizing it!

I do hope that people in the marina are familiar with our blog and can see this ancient post card!

It’s a true treasure! I’m so happy my parents kept this post card! 😊




Guess what! Since this week we own a brand new electric outboard engine for our dinghy! Awesome!

The choice was between a Torqueedo and Eprolusion. Both well known brands with good results!

But in the end the Epropulsion Spirit 1.0 Plus persuaded us more.

  1. The noise. It’s much more quiet than the Torqueedo
  2. The battery is floatable (not that we plan to throw it overboard, but shit happens, right?!)
  3. Battery range (+50%)
  4. Battery capacity is 40% higher
  5. Shorter charging time
  6. Price


Patrik made a “dry test ride” (in the guest room) after the battery was charged and it’s indeed very surprising how gentle it sounds.

No more fumes, no more stinky fuel canisters, no more noise – fantastic!

We just need to order a few spare parts, like a propeller, anodes and a protection when the battery isn’t sitting in its place.

I also want to know if they sell a protective cover for the propeller. We don’t want to harm the fishies.

Hopefully they do or they know who sells them. Otherwise Patrik has to prove his engineering skills 😉

It was an exciting week which makes us even more longing for Luna Azzurra…

We wish you all a wonderful weekend, so long!



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