April 10, 2021 archive


Guess what! Since this week we own a brand new electric outboard engine for our dinghy! Awesome!

The choice was between a Torqueedo and Eprolusion. Both well known brands with good results!

But in the end the Epropulsion Spirit 1.0 Plus persuaded us more.

  1. The noise. It’s much more quiet than the Torqueedo
  2. The battery is floatable (not that we plan to throw it overboard, but shit happens, right?!)
  3. Battery range (+50%)
  4. Battery capacity is 40% higher
  5. Shorter charging time
  6. Price


Patrik made a “dry test ride” (in the guest room) after the battery was charged and it’s indeed very surprising how gentle it sounds.

No more fumes, no more stinky fuel canisters, no more noise – fantastic!

We just need to order a few spare parts, like a propeller, anodes and a protection when the battery isn’t sitting in its place.

I also want to know if they sell a protective cover for the propeller. We don’t want to harm the fishies.

Hopefully they do or they know who sells them. Otherwise Patrik has to prove his engineering skills 😉

It was an exciting week which makes us even more longing for Luna Azzurra…

We wish you all a wonderful weekend, so long!


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