May 8, 2021 archive

Should I Stay or Should I Go…… ?

So, once again we find ourselves in the same shitty situation as last year! About travelling to Loano I mean.

Even though the corona situation in Italy gets slowly better and they start to open-up, step-by-step.

Right now, when travelling from Switzerland, you still need to do a Covid-19 rapid test and you need to register yourself in the region you are staying. Additionally, you must isolate yourself for 5 days and after that do a new Covid test.

That’s valid until the 15th, according to the Italian authorities. After that – we assume – the isolation and additional test will be omitted.

Since we already had to cancel our Easter trip, all our hopes are now set for next week and Whitsuntide!

Our plan is to drive on May 13th to Loano and stay until Whitsunday, 23rd May. Even my parents planned to come and stay with us from 21st until 23rd. So I’ve booked them a fancy hotel room (as a surprise) and we all looked so much forward to spend a couple of days together!

Well, meanwhile – with a heavy heart – my parents cancelled their trip. For them, the situation is still too uncertain.

Plus, I can cancel the hotel room only up until the 15th without extra costs. And that’s the same day, as Italy (hopefully) will loosen their rules.

A very annoying and deplorable situation!

However, Patrik and I decided to wait until the 15th May to make sure the rules do change indeed.

In case the 5 days isolation will still be valid, that’s not such a tragedy. More tricky will be to do a new Covid-19 test. How does it work in Italy, where do you do it and do you need to book a time?

But I guess we’ll decide as soon as we know the new rules! Fingers are definitely crossed ⛵

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