July 3, 2021 archive

Ecosia vs Google

Who doesn’t need Google sometimes……..or often (like me)?

I bet it happens countless times, daily or weekly and often we won’t give it a second thought.

Got the needed info – done!

A few months ago, someone at work suggested to use Ecosia instead of Google. But why? Well, one good reason is, it plants trees! 🌳

But it not only shows how many trees have been planted totally by users, but you can also check, how much input your personal searching had so far.

Quite cool and very inspiring.

And since Ecosia generally does the same thing as Google…..why not switch?

Plus, what’s cheaper doing something good for our planet, than for free? Exactly!

I did it a while ago and – voilà – already about 90 trees have been planted with my name tag on them! (Not literally of course 😉.)

You also can get a lot of information about the projects and people behind Ecosia.

I hope I was able to inspire some many of you, dear guests, and wish you all a happy “searching week” 🧐


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