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A Chat with Odin

Me:       Odin, here you are! Hello Sweetie, how are you?

Odin:     Good, I was sleeping, till you woke me….. *yawn*

Me:       Aw, c’mon, don’t be grumpy

Odin:     How about a goodie and I’ll think about it?

Me:       There you go…

Odin:     *munch-munch*

Me:       Odin, listen, I need to talk to you

Odin:     Yeah? What is it?

Me:       Well, you know….Dad and I are going on vacation soon

Odin:     Yes, I thought so. But our neighbours will look after me as usual, no?

Me:       I’m sorry sweetie. Not this time. They are going away too

Odin:     No problem, I’ll look after the house and garden. Nothing new here…

Me:       I know you can do that Odin. But who will feed you and look after you every day?

Odin:     Easy! Just put a huge bowl with food and water in the kitchen and I’ll be fine

Me:       I have no doubt you would manage for a few days. But we are going away for three weeks

Odin:     hmm….that’s quite long….

Me:       Exactly. So what about a lovely vacation for you as well?

Odin:     What? You’re not thinking about taking me with you, do you?

Me:       No, I don’t think you would like that. Especially not the long drive to Italy and six hours back again

Odin:     Good! So what’s plan B then?

Me:       Well, we found a beautiful cat hotel…….

Odin:     A WHAT?? You don’t mean that, do you?

Me:       Listen sweetie, it’s absolutely the best one I could find. The lady who runs it loves cats and the hotel ooks fabulous. We saw it! You’ll love it there!

Odin:     How do you know that? And what about the other cats? And I want to go outside, have you thought about that? And how about my beds and other stuff?

Me:       You’ll have your own room, with windows where you can see your neighbour cat. Maybe it’s a pawsome darling beside you…

Odin:     Ha! That helps a lot with a glass panel between us…. love the “pawsome”, though 😺

Me:       I forgot to mention that via a cat flap you have access to your own private balcony with a beautiful view over the fields and forest. And there, only chicken wire separates you from the balcony next door. So you can talk to your neighbour. How does that sound?

Odin:     And my stuff? And can I be outside during the night? Whenever I want?

Me:       Yes, of course. The cat flap is open 24/7. And your dad and I will take your beds, toys and even your cat tree there. You’ll have your food and your two toilets. Pretty much the same as you have at home

Odin:     ….. *sigh*

Me:       What do you say? Sounds still horrible to you?

Odin:     What about goodies? Does the lady there have goodies? Do I have to share them?

Me:       Of course, you’ll have your goodies you’re used to. We’ll give them to the lady as well, don’t worry! And no, you won’t have to share them!

Odin:     And you’ll pick me up again after your vacation?

Me:       But of course, sweetie!! How can you ask that? I wish you could come with us, or that our neighbours wouldn’t be away simultaneously…. As soon as we’re back from Italy, we’ll come and happily take you home again! Scout’s honour!

Odin:     Don’t exaggerate, I believe you!

Me:       And you know what Odin?

Odin:     What?

Me:        This will be the first time for me, that I really can enjoy our vacation. I won’t have to worry that  something bad could happen to you… you remember your brother….

Odin:     Yeah, that was a terrible time. Still miss him, though…

Me:       Me too, every day, believe me! So, this time I can be sure you’re in a safe spot! Sometimes, the nice lady will take some pictures of you and send them to me. That way I know how you are. Sounds ok?

Odin:     Yeah, yeah…. I guess, everything has already been arranged and I can’t object, even if I want to…

Me:       Yes, it is Odin, I’m sorry. We booked your room a while ago. But we’re 100% sure it’s the best solution for you and dad and me.

Odin:     If you say so………….

Me:       Aw, c’mon sweetie. You’re sleeping most of the time anyway. So before you know it, we’ll pick you up again. You’ll see…Time will fly!

Odin:     I just hope that the cat next door won’t be a kitten who plays all the time….

Me:       I’m sure the lady will take care who is beside who. So you won’t be disturbed. She will come and play with you sometimes, if you want.

Odin:     Yeah, maybe…but not too often, please! I need my naps, you know!

Me:       I’m sure she knows how to treat you well, Odin.

Odin:     All right, all right! Then that’s settled…. Can I go back to sleep know? What time is dinner, by the way…….? Please don’t disturb me before dinner is served, thanks *purr*   🐾

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