31st December 2017

Hi furiends – purrs, and welcome to 2018!  =^.^=

I hope all of you made it to the new year and have a more or less positive memory of last weekend.

Ha! I certainly made the best of it! The 31st of December was such a beautiful, sunny and even unusual warm day, I felt like for a hike! By my own, it would have been quite boring, so I had to persuade someone to follow me – my mum and dad seemed to be suitable. It took me a little while, though, but on the end we were outside and ready for some fresh air!

First, we quickly went over to Cony’s and left a New Years-card-and-marzipan-piggy-greeting outside their door (apparently they were out somewhere).

Behind their house, the path continues to the vineyards, passing some cow paddocks, bushes and trees. I’m familiar with this neighbourhood, since my brother, Thor, and I used to play in these areas until a couple of years ago, when he died….

Anyway, I led my humans safely through all the paths which I remembered easily. They took their chances taking some photos in between and I’m not so sure, if I had to wait for them bloody often a couple of times, or vice versa….. *yawn*

Nevertheless, it was a lot of fun to scare other walkers off – and even more their dogs, when I was growling at them (and believe me, I can and did). First, everyone goes, like, “oh it’s a kitty…..how SWEEEEET”…. well, bloody wait till you hear me! ROARRR!!

Right, back to the hike. It felt like at least a 3, 4, 6, whatever-hours walk, until I decided it was time for a short break. I mean, we went through a lot of ups and downs – more ups, if you ask me…..and finally I couldn’t cope any more! I literally gave up and simply lied down.

It took my humans a while to realise that I couldn’t be bothered was knackered. So my mum – my hero – returned to lift me up in order to carry me home.

Well, of course, THAT wasn’t necessary, was it?! Surely, I could have walked again after a short break, but…. well, they insisted.

All this sounds like a whole afternoons adventure, but actually, everything was over in less than two hours. Yeah well, at least we WERE outside – compared to many of our neighbours!

Now, all it’s left is to wish you a great 2018, may friendships continue and new ones arise! Most importantly, never lose your dreams! Our will continue, that’s for sure 🙂

Be good and …….. keep on dreaming!



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