A Busy Weekend

We were looking very forward to this weekend, as our dear friend Pascale from Luxembourg announced a few weeks ago, that she would visit us!


She and her friend Philippe arrived on Saturday early afternoon by car. After hearty hugs and kisses we decided to visit the nearby “Hausammann” vineyard, in order to celebrate our reunion properly. Plus, Patrik and I needed to buy some wine anyway, so it suited us perfectly!

Every Saturday Hausammann’s open their beautiful glass pavilion, which is the perfect surrounding to degust their different wines and have a nice chat. No surprise that the afternoon went too quick and we had to say good bye to Nadine and Urs Hausammann.

Back home we suddenly had to rush in order to get ready. A table was booked at 18.30h at the newly opened “Pizzeria Ristorante Molino” in Frauenfeld. So “hop-hop”, as Pascale used to say! Our mutual friend Anita joined us and we had a nice evening together! The restaurants good reputation didn’t let us down, it was as good as expected! We’ll be back, that’s for sure!

Back home, we had our last grappa or rum and enjoyed each other’s  company! It’s been a long day, especially for Pascale and Philippe, so finally it took its toll and we said good night…..to Patrik and Philippe – Pascale and I lasted until 01.30h…hehe! Odin was not that happy as you can see….

On Sunday we planned to meet Anita and Peter  – and their dog named Queen – and do something together. Unfortunately, the weather was quite chilly and foggy, so outdoor activity was a bit of a challenge (well, for me)! Nevertheless, since we had a dog with us – and haven’t done much healthy exercise yesterday – perhaps it wasn’t the dumbest idea, to go for a real walk! Anita and Queen participated on a “snoopy training course” and we joined them. Quite an interesting experience it was!

After this super-exemplary afternoon, it was time to warm ourselves up and Anita and Peter drove us back to our home. Pascale and Philippe would be spending the night at their place, but we had a couple of hours together, so the four of us had a little aperitif, before they left before five o’clock . On Monday, the two of them would drive back home to Luxembourg, but not without visiting me and saying good bye.

And like this, our Sunday afternoon ended, with memories of many good laughs, lovely food and exciting chats!

This truly was a cheerful weekend – let’s hope we can do it again soon!

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    • Sigrid Starck on December 1, 2018 at 1:23 pm
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    Hej på er.
    Ni ser ut att ha haft det mysigt med era vänner.
    Roligt att hänga med er en stund.??

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