A Surprising Turn!

In case someone is interested concerning the outcome about the search for my roots. This is what happened:

My father actually contacted me by email! Sadly, he wrote that he hadn’t anything left from his father. The only photo he had of him, has been destroyed when he was a teenager….

So no, no letter or documents available. At least I know now how to write and pronounce the English name correctly 😃

But amazingly he also wrote that he never wanted to end our contact. The last time we saw each other (more than twenty years ago) and then said goodbye, we arranged for a new meeting. Unfortunately, afterwards I saw that on that date I had already arranged to meet my girlfriend, so I called and cancelled with my father. I told him that I was sorry and I would look forward to a new arrangement – which never came. Therefore, I thought, he wasn’t really interested keeping in touch….

Well, now I learned, that he thought the same. For in his eyes, I’ve cancelled the meeting with him because I rather wanted to go out with my girlfriend. Like, something “better” had come up, suddenly.

Ridiculous really…and albeit it’s such a long time ago, I know for sure, that I would never have done that. An appointment is an appointment!

So I explained that to him in a new email and also told him what a silly misunderstanding it must have been. He thought that I wasn’t interested to keep in contact and I thought the same of him….🙈

Anyway, last weekend we talked on the telephone, after he explained (again in an email),  that he and his wife would gladly meet me and my husband and we would be welcome at their home in Zurich. So we settled for a Saturday in April, Patrik and I are invited for dinner and I’m sure we’ll have a lot to talk about.

Isn’t it funny how life plays sometimes? Regrettably, I couldn’t find out much more about my family history, but instead, I’ve recovered my “roots” somehow, after all 🥂🍾



    • Sigrid Starck on March 23, 2019 at 1:37 pm
    • Reply

    Hej Diana.
    Så roligt att du har fått kontakt med din far. Så klart att han vill träffa sin dotter. 👍
    Lycka till! 💕

    1. Tack. Vi får se hur det blir 🙂
      Kramar till er

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