A Wet Surprise and a Happy End!

On the home stretch until the tenants moving in today, a water leakage into our cellar was detected last week!! The water came from outside and miraculously found its way under the threshold into the cellar 😨

The floorer, Stefan, who’s plan was to do some minor repairs in this area (plus a new carpet upstairs in the house), discovered it last Thursday (March 09) and called me immediately. 

Patrik and I had the day off the next day anyway, in order to clean the garage and the balcony. So we met Stefan and examined the disaster! WHY, WHY, WHY, FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE?? I really started to freak out!

Luckily, a friend of Stefan works as a carpenter, so he called him and with even more luck, he agreed to meet me on Tuesday morning (March 14)!

The cleaning of the house had started on Monday morning too. So there was quite some activity going on in the house, together with the carpenter who started his work on Tuesday morning.

He promised he could fix it until the evening, so it would give Stefan enough time to finish the floor before Saturday! Thank God!! 😅

I had a couple of worrying days, since I didn’t hear from the carpenter nor Stefan and I desperately wanted to know how everything worked out. But I assumed both were busy and I know Stefan since many years and knew I can trust him a 100%!

Thursdays afternoon came and Stefan finally called me! He had just finished the cellar and told me that everything looked fine – the water damage was fixed and the floor looked as new! *yeah*

Since the cleaning company had also completed their work on the same day, Patrik and I decided to drive to our house after work, to check out everything. 

We were more than satisfied! Going through the whole property, we were super happy to see that the painter, who did the walls did a marvellous job and of course the carpenter and Stefan did their magic! Thank you guys, you did a fantastic job!

In the end we both agreed that the tenants had no reason at all to complain about anything. They would take over a very fresh, clean and beautiful house. 

And we are absolutely sure that in no time they will feel completely at home 🤗


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