Amazing Naples

Friday, 06th September.

Right now we are stuck on the Isola Capraia, because of bad weather. We arrived yesterday and planned to stay for one night. But this morning it started to rain heavily and around 9 a.m. it went worse, by adding thunderstorms with nasty gusts, which made it impossible for us to leave the island towards Corsica.

However, this gives us finally the chance to keep our promise and write an update. We didn’t have internet before (or very poor one), so here comes what we did last week:

On Monday (26th August) morning we left Luna Azzurra at the ship yard in Rosignano Solvay, after we were actively involved in lifting her out of the water. Neither Patrik nor I had a clue how it worked, but in the end – and with the patience of the staff – everything went smoothly and our boat was in the air!

Apparently, she would be finished on Friday evening (30th August), which was perfect!

So, off we went to the train station (in at least 32 deg. C), in order to get our rental car in Cecina – two villages further away.

We bought our tickets and became a bit frustrated by realising that the train would leave at 11.29 a.m. ….and it was only 10 a.m.! Crap!!

More people arrived at the station in order to catch the train towards Florence. Two of them – a very friendly Italian pair, whom we already had asked for directions a bit earlier -were suddenly beside us again and we began to chat a little… as good as possible, with our Italian and their English knowledge.

It turned out that they have a holiday home in Vada (which lies between Rosignano and Cecina) and she had to return home due to her parents, which are 95 years old.

Shortly before Donatella’s train arrived – meanwhile we had even introduced ourselves – Sergio offered to drive us to Cecina. We truly couldn’t believe it….Such kindness towards total strangers!

But they meant it, so we thankfully took this offer, instead of waiting another hour for our train!

On the way to Cecina – which took approx 15 minutes – we had a lovely chat and a few good laughs. Sergio showed us their house, which we passed on the way and we learned that he works in the real estate business.

So, in no time we arrived at the rental car office and it was time to say good bye, with hugs of course! We got Sergio’s business card and he told us to call, in case we would visit Florence one day. Yes, we would do that of course, plus we will send them an email, as soon as we had the chance and say thank you again! Such nice people, we are still amazed!

It was after eleven when we got our car (a VW Golf) and around 11.30 a.m. we left, heading south. Naples, we are coming!


The drive went without any special incidents, except our camera’s battery died! *arghh* How inconvenient!

After loosing some time searching for a hotel at the lovely peninsula called Argentario (all were fully booked), we ended up in the village nearby called Albinia. There we found the super cozy hotel “Corallo” and booked a room for the night. The time was approx three in the afternoon.

After we were settled, we strolled around the village for a while, had a glass of wine/beer and simply enjoyed being here. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find a shop who sold batteries for our camera…

Later we had dinner at a nice pizzeria and went to bed around 11 p.m. Ten and Out!

The next day, after breakfast and the check-out we quickly were on the motorway towards Naples and reached our hotel “Miramare” just after 1.30 p.m.

What a beautiful hotel it is – we simply were overwhelmed by its charm and stile! The welcoming was also very impressive and we could check-in directly! We both loved our room and when inspecting the terrace on the roof – where breakfast would be served – we were speechless: The view showed the harbour of Naples, the marina beside it, the sea and on top of all that Vesuvius sat there, watching silently over the city.

We didn’t waste time and after parking the car in a safe garage, we wandered towards the city, with its countless shops, restaurants and bars! Annoyingly, we also had to search for a battery and ended up at the shopping centre “Galleria Umberto I”. It’s a very impressive building and worth to see, shopping or not. No battery there, though. The shop which apparently sold the ones we needed was closed for vacation!              OF BLOODY COURSE!


Being back at the hotel we showered and went out for dinner – Italian style of course: not before 9 p.m.!

The next day we went into the old city again still being amazed about the history and architecture. We took the “train” up to the old Castel St. Elmo, in Vomero. The view was breathtaking and luckily not many other tourists were there. We tried to imagine, how crowded this place must be in the high season…

It was after lunchtime and therefore we decided to have a nice glass of white wine, which was served with bruschetta and some other snacks. Perfect with the view over Naples!

Afterwards we took the “train” down to the noisy city again, continued playing tourists and passing the Castello Reale and Duomo Di San Gennaro on our way back to the hotel. It was already quite late again. Amazing how quick time goes… Tomorrow we would get up early and visit Pompeji!

It was already Thursday and we were on our way to Pompeji – quite an adventure by car! Sadly, we realized that we couldn’t visit Herculaneum. Neither the beautiful Amalfi Coast with Positano glued on its side, nor Capri. We simply didn’t have enough time, which gives us a good reason to return to Naples!

Well, Pompeji is BIG, bigger that we thought! Although, we had our map and a booklet, it seemed we walked and walked (in 35 deg. C), while still discovering beautiful details and taking loads of pictures. A very impressing place, indeed!

It was almost 3.30 p.m. when we fetched our car (from a secured parking) and drove towards Naples again. About 45 minutes later we were at our hotel again, tired and full with unforgettable impressions!

Our last dinner was a bit of a disaster….I think we chose the worst of all restaurants, unfriendly staff and the food was…well, at least that was OK.

Then Friday arrived and it was time to leave Naples. Beautiful, interesting, noisy and fascinating city! We’ll be back one day – ciao, ciao!

It was 3.30 p.m. when we arrived in Rosignano and first thing we drove to the ship yard. Luna Azzurra was finished and waiting for us, though still in the air. An hour later we were in the water and waved good bye to the friendly guys working there! We had decided to stay one night at the marina, since we also had to do grocery shopping while still having the car.

On Saturday morning we would return the vehicle in Cecina, take the train back to Rosignano and finally we would be leaving the mainland, heading for the island Elba!

That will be part two of this story – so please stay with us!

So long!


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    • Sigrid Starck on September 6, 2019 at 4:56 pm
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    Hej på er. Fantastiska bilder och så ren och fin båten blivit. ⛵️
    Tack för att vi får hänga med på er tur! 🥂🍾
    Hoppas att vädret blir bättre igen, vi har sett att det skulle både regna, blåsa och bli lite kyligare.

    Kramar till er. 💕
    Sigrid och Jörgen

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