Sailing Sardinia May 2017 last days

Saturday morning has actually arrived. Just before 08 o’clock Patrik and I sat outside in the cockpit and drank our coffee.

Of course the sun was shining and people at the marina were busy with fixing and cleaning boats. Some were talking and laughing and a few were leaving with a cooling box and their fishing rods. It was weekend, after all.

The evening before, we had already packed most of our stuff into our car – only the bedding and coffee cups were left. Also, the rest of the foods had to be moved from the fridge into our cooling box.

We were really happy, that we didn’t have to hurry, but could take it easy. One of the cleaning ladies came by and we had a little chat, about where she and we were from, how much we all liked Sardinia (she was originally from Milan) and how our sailing week was. At the end she even offered us some homemade ricotta cheese. Sadly, we had to reject it with thanks, since our cooling box was quite full….what a pity!

Then it was time to say good-bye, to our dear “Blue Moon”, and Marco and Constantino at the marina. We also decided to visit the office, in order to say good-bye to Luciana and Enzo. Both were there and we talked and joked for quite a while. Among other things, they assured us that we would receive a discount, with our next booking with Sailitalia! GREAT ?

Finally, they recommended a few places worth visiting, on our drive back to Olbia. Our ferry to Livorno was scheduled for 10 o’clock this evening, so we had pleeeeenty of time!

Off we went, but before leaving Cannigione, we played our role as decent tourists and went shopping! Sardinia has – amongst kitschy kitsch of course – very nice craft, such as pottery.

After lunch we were poorer ready and said “ciao” this lovely little town.

Our first stop was – via “Palau” – “Santa Teresa”, which apparently is the northernmost city. Unfortunately, there was not much space to park somewhere. So I took some photo’s and we left again (after we had lost our way in these narrow streets….shush!). Next stop was “Porto Cervo”. What an extravagant place! The marina was crowded with super-super yachts and the villas embedded in the landscape, look like they would try to surpass eachother in luxury….unbelievable! Well, it is the splendid “Costa Smeralda” after all, where the rich and famous are…..ah, and the money, obviously!

Well, after that overwhelming impression needed something to calm us down – lunch was perfect! In “Porto Pozzo” we’ve found the perfect little place: A bruschetteria called “Gian Paolo’s Bar”, we think it’s worth to mention, because the bruschetta was heaven and the service lovely!

Further we drove, through the amazing landscape of Sardinia, towards Olbia. We even met a wild turtle crossing the street – I had no idea there were turtles living in Sardinia! Around 4 p.m. we arrived in Olbia. Now, we took the chance to explore the city with its numerous bars, restaurants and shops. We still had a few hours to kill…..

Most of all, we noticed that people in Olbia were less warmly than what we were used to after this short time. Not unfriendly, not at all! But our guess is, with all the tourists arriving and leaving daily, it is less important how to treat customers, cause they are there anyway…. Plus the prices – no matter what – are higher.

Around 8 p.m. we went onboard the ferry, which was quite chaotic. It seemed none of the staff on shore knew what their colleagues onboard did and vice versa…. At last we had parked our car and moved to he cabin. A quick shower and off we went to the bar, enjoying a glass of red wine.

The ferry left punctual at 22h and we were so tired…..well, a bit frustrated too, for sure…..that half an hour later we decided we would go to bed. And we had a long day ahead of us: Arriving 06.30h in Livorno and an approx. 7 hours car journey home.


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