Anniversary & a Gathering

 This week was a little turbulent.
Patrik and I have decided to paint the facade of our house new and do the necessary maintenance simultaneously. So we started already last week to get offers from different companies, specialised in this kind work. It involved visits and showing them around.
It seems like it was worth it, and we are pretty sure who will get the job!
We also had to contact our local municipality, since we want to change the colour and it has to be approved. Our idea is a light mint green….not too crazy indeed. We definitely look forward to our newly painted house!
Then, on Friday Patrik and I took the day off (OK, Patrik was working until lunch time).
We celebrated our 12th wedding day, or being married since 11 years! So I guess it’s our 11th anniversary. I’m not sure now, what the meaning for this anniversary might be…..
I’ve found this: 11th anniversary: Steel/Associated Flowers: Morning Glory (the flower…)
Anyway, after a short visit at our municipality, discussing the new house colour and had it approved (YEAH!), we headed for Lake Constance, armed with our SUP’s! The lake’s temperature supposed to be around 24°C and a sunny afternoon was awaiting us!  ……….. right, that was the original plan!
Sadly it was raining more or less the whole day. Only later in the afternoon, the sun shyly showed herself. Yeah well, instead of swimming we decided to go shopping. We still needed a few thing for Luna Azzurra, so it was the right opportunity to get this done.
For the evening we had a table booked in one of the nicest restaurants in Frauenfeld! Last Christmas we received a voucher from my parents, so it was the perfect occasion to cash it in!
The evening was fantastic, we enjoyed each others company and our candle light dinner!
On Saturday, just before lunch, we met with my former boss (who is retired since a few years) and my colleague at that time! Once a year we organize this gathering, every time at a different location…well, we try at least!
This time we visited the old monastery Kartause Ittingen, which lies just a couple of kilometres from where Patrik and I live. Again, we had a wonderful time together, ate lunch at the monasteries restaurant and strolled through their beautiful parc!
As always, we had so much to tell and catch up, so time went too quick and later in the afternoon we said our good byes! But not before we made sure that we’ll find a date next year again for our get-together!
Today is Sunday, and we planned to do a lot of sweet-nothing! We wish you all a wonderful rest of the weekend, so long 😉

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    • Sigrid Ingeborg Starck on July 26, 2020 at 10:47 am
    • Reply

    Hej Diana och Patrik! 😃
    Grattis till er Bröllopsdag ❤️🥂🍾🍇 okey ett par dagar försent men bättre sent än aldrig.😃
    Fortsätt och njut.
    Kramar till er ❤️❤️

    Sigrid och Jörgen

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