Another Piece in our Jigsaw

A bit more than a year ago we wrote about our plan to refit Luna Azzurras’s salon.

Instead of the bench, which we never use, we wanted to replace it with a cupboard. Back then we had the self-made blueprint and were looking for a carpenter.

Well, we successfully accomplished this project!

A friend of us works as a carpenter and he’d made reasonable offer for this custom-made piece of furniture.

Our only request was that it had to be a European type of wood. And it needed to be dismountable so we could transport it in our car. In the end, we settled for European Larch. We had no deadline for it, so he had all the time he needed.


The cupboard was finished a few days before our summer vacation started. That was a bit of a too short notice to take it with us to Italy, so we agreed to pick it up after our vacation. He sent us some pictures, though, as a little appetizer 😉 VERY BEAUTIFUL!

Meanwhile, the cupboard sits in our cellar, mounted and looking gorgeous! In my mind I’ve organized and re-organized it at least a dozen times. Gosh, do I suddenly have too much space in the galley??   *haha*   Na, just kidding! 🤣

But it feels incredibly good, to tick another task off our to-do list!



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    • Sigrid Ingeborg Starck on November 20, 2021 at 12:57 pm
    • Reply

    Hejsan. Skåpet ser fint ut så det får ni säker mycket nytta av.
    Nu får ni bara längta till det är dag för nästa tur till Loano.⛵️
    Hälsningar till er. 👍❤️

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