Another week has gone

Not much has happened…. Yet, still enough to write a short post 😃

Everyday life has almost settled in. I’m busy with cooking, buying groceries every 3rd or 4th day (fresh salad and veggies mostly), baking bread once a week, tried to organize some of Patrik’s chaos things… Nooooo, I haven’t thrown away anything, but brought it to the garage for now.

I picked up a couple of deliveries at the marina’s office: The EPIRP has arrived (yeah!). And the Copper Coat (antifouling), which we’ll use in June/July, when we’re located in France, giving Luna Azzurra a make over 😍 i look very forward to that, especially polishing her outside finally. The matte dark blue with the old decor looks just disgusting 😬

We also ordered a new endless line (finally!), which has been professionally spliced and mounted! Grazie Beatrice 🙏

On the 19th a guy came and installed our new anchor lamp. WOW, I never saw someone “running” up a mast that fast… Couldn’t take him longer than 1 minutes! He was also the one who checked and set the rigging on Luna Azzurra before we came. A real professional, also thanks a lot to him!

Our new backyard looks a bit different than in Switzerland. Fishes are swimming around the boats (haven’t found out what they are called yet), and the flora under water has its own fascination. Are these anemones? Small fishies are hiding inside their tentacles and bigger ones are feeding on them. Really interesting and sweet to watch the underwater life 🐟🐚

I found a vegan mayo, by the way. And it tastes fantastico! Patrik will love it too 😋

Weatherwise it’s typical April. Some sunshine, but suddenly cloudy. A constant chilly breeze makes being outside still a bit unpleasant. But at least I didn’t have to start our heater in the evening for the last few days. I do hope it stays this way😉

Well, that’s all for now. Wish you all a fantastic weekend –  cheers 🥂…….and….ahoy ⛵️


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