Are We Moving?

Hi there! Wow, long time no see….How are you?

I was really busy the last weeks with doing….well, what I did. The weather was exactly how I liked it, sunny and dry (ok mostly, though).

Exploring my house on rainy days never gets boring, believe me! Recently, I sneaked into the laundry room while my mum was in there ironing (yes, yes, I’m not allowed in there, but she haven’t seen me, hehe). But what I found outstripped everything – look:

Boxes and boxes of household stuff, it looks like we’re opening a furniture store here, a mini IKEA agency or something.

So what does that mean? Are we moving?  I wouldn’t be very amused, if that was the case!

On the other hand, snooping and sniffing, it seemed everything was brand new and unused. Aw, come on folks, what’s the story here?

Another phenomenon was that the sailing books – or properly Water Pilot Books – suddenly seemed to multiply, together with the sea charts (maps)! Hmm….interesting, very interesting……..

So, my wild guess is, it has something to do with that sailing boat in Spain, since my mum and dad were travelling a bit lately and the name LUNA AZZURRA comes up a lot in their conversation. Is this the boats name? Cool, I like it!

I just have to make sure now, that I become the Admiral……piece of cake, wouldn’t you say?

So long, my friends!


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