…. Tuesday, 17th July and we are in Porto Masnou and could finally embrace our “Luna Azzurra” (well….not literally, obviously. But she got a kiss!)

Last Wednesday we received the long longed email from the Yacht Registration Holland, sending us the precious document!
Patrik immediately took out the insurance and in the evening we booked the hotel room in Nice (Friday to Saturday) and the flights from Nice to Barcelona on Saturday morning.
Needless to say, that we also enjoyed a bottle of champagne!!
Then we started to pack our bags – as little as possible, but that’s easier said than done (well, I speak for myself).

On Thursday we had our last working day and I brought croissants for my working colleagues and boss, to say “thank you” for their patience.

In the evening we started to load our car with all the stuff we bought for “Luna Azzurra”. Boy, were we happy to have a big car….Gosh!

Early on Friday morning we left, with mixed feelings, cause we had to leave Odin behind…..But with Cony and her kids we have an excellent cat sitter!

We chose the St. Bernard route again, which usually is the smoothest and quickest way.

Around 14.30h we arrived at the Marina di Loano – tired, but over-happy! Elisa from the marina office met us, and we completed the paperwork for the mooring and the rented garage box and received the keys.


After a short visit at a local restaurant, it was already time to catch the train to Nice. The journey took ages, since many trains were delayed or even cancelled *damn*! So instead of approx. 8 p.m., we arrived at 10 p.m. at our destination. Then a short taxi ride to the hotel, which lies just opposite the airport! After a quick shower we went to the bar and enjoyed a glass of wine / beer and had a little bite.


The flight to Barcelona was booked and at 9.15 a.m. it should leave…..SHOULD! After the check-in and security control – while waiting for the boarding – the flight was suddenly cancelled!!! Unbelievable! So everyone had to get their luggage and contact the airline desk to get further instructions. Great, pure chaos! Finally they informed us that a bus would leave at 11h and drive us to Barcelona – which would take around 6-7 hours. Well, we took that, better than wait until 22h for the night flight….

Patrik informed Javi, our contact at the marina in Porto Masnou, that we would arrive much later and they arranged about the keys and everything, so we could come on board.
At 19.30h (much later than predicted, because of two stops) we arrived in Barcelona and took a taxi to Port Masnou (45 minutes ride), where “Luna Azzurra” was waiting for us! What an incredible journey that was – OMG!
But what a joy we felt to finally see her again and knowing she is ours now- “ undescribable!

What we didn’t know was that not all the work had been done yet…..*grrrrr*! For example the life raft hasn’t been changed (as promised). No gas on board, no short range radio (there was just a gaping hole) and some other things haven’t been done!! Our nightmare continued, because now we were stuck in Porto Masnou!
Nevertheless, we had to buy groceries and loads of water, stash everything safely and install ourselves comfortably. So on Sunday morning we went to the harbour master to get a key to the showers and toilets. Then we went shopping. Afterwards, we started to clean the boat, inside and outside and throwing unnecessary things away.

On Monday we went to meet Javi finally and told him about our misery. Well, of course it’s high season, so everything takes its time (plus we are in Spain), but that’s our dilemma, we don’t have much time – we have to get to Italy!

Slowly, things started to happen yesterday and now (10.40 a.m.) we actually are ready to leave – just waiting for the new life raft! (waiting, waiting, waiting…)

Our sailing route will be towards Cassis/FR and further along the  Côte d’Azur until we’ll finally arrive at the Marina di Loano!

Fingers crossed, once more – but this time for a save journey! So stay tuned for our next post – it will be written in Loano, hopefully overflowing with beautiful pictures!
So long and take care 


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