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A Wet Surprise and a Happy End!

On the home stretch until the tenants moving in today, a water leakage into our cellar was detected last week!! The water came from outside and miraculously found its way under the threshold into the cellar 😨

The floorer, Stefan, who’s plan was to do some minor repairs in this area (plus a new carpet upstairs in the house), discovered it last Thursday (March 09) and called me immediately. 

Patrik and I had the day off the next day anyway, in order to clean the garage and the balcony. So we met Stefan and examined the disaster! WHY, WHY, WHY, FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE?? I really started to freak out!

Luckily, a friend of Stefan works as a carpenter, so he called him and with even more luck, he agreed to meet me on Tuesday morning (March 14)!

The cleaning of the house had started on Monday morning too. So there was quite some activity going on in the house, together with the carpenter who started his work on Tuesday morning.

He promised he could fix it until the evening, so it would give Stefan enough time to finish the floor before Saturday! Thank God!! 😅

I had a couple of worrying days, since I didn’t hear from the carpenter nor Stefan and I desperately wanted to know how everything worked out. But I assumed both were busy and I know Stefan since many years and knew I can trust him a 100%!

Thursdays afternoon came and Stefan finally called me! He had just finished the cellar and told me that everything looked fine – the water damage was fixed and the floor looked as new! *yeah*

Since the cleaning company had also completed their work on the same day, Patrik and I decided to drive to our house after work, to check out everything. 

We were more than satisfied! Going through the whole property, we were super happy to see that the painter, who did the walls did a marvellous job and of course the carpenter and Stefan did their magic! Thank you guys, you did a fantastic job!

In the end we both agreed that the tenants had no reason at all to complain about anything. They would take over a very fresh, clean and beautiful house. 

And we are absolutely sure that in no time they will feel completely at home 🤗


Empty House !

We’ve done it! Our house is empty! 🥳

A lot has been sold – most at a ridiculously low price – some things we gave away to friends and family and the rest went to charity!

Some furniture or deco things weren’t easy to say good-bye to…. But we were prepared for that. Can’t have it all, can you?

The storage box is in the cellar – luckily, our tenants agreed that we can have a small space behind the door – together with our bed frame, which we keep. In the box are our photo albums, some memories and of course the urns of our late cats, Gulliver, Thor and Odin 😿

I’ve made a collage with their pictures, which we’ll take on board…

From now on we’ll life with my parents until our definite move in the beginning/middle of April.

We’ll also do a quick trip to Luxembourg, mainly to say good-bye to our friend Pascale and bring her two glass cabinets, which she bought from us.

Then we’ll need separate trip to Loano, getting our stuff on the boat. We might loan my brother’s bus, which would be the easiest! We’ll see, though.

Ah, and by the end of March I’ll be retired….. 😲

Patrik will continue to work approx. 50% (100 days a year) for his company, so he’ll also provide for my pension. It actually is a sweet deal for him – and his employer!

He’s in the luxurious position that only he and another guy can do this job, so they simply couldn’t let him go (yet). This circumstance is the main reason we are able to fulfil our dream a few years earlier than planned. Him working is also temporary, maybe another two years or so.

Naturally, he’ll still have to do some business trips while I’m onboard Luna Azzurra. Which means I’ll have to learn all about it in record time. But that’s a small price to pay…. could be worse 😉

Well, our adventure continues, and it definitely doesn’t get boring! 😁 CHEERS 🥂


Grattis Älskling ♥

It was Patrik’s birthday yesterday – so Happy Birthday, darling 🥳🍀🥂💞

We decided to celebrate (a little) at our local restaurant “Frohsinn”, just the two of us! As usual, we were in good hands and enjoyed a very tasty dinner!

I love you, my love 💖


The new year is already a week old and most of us have returned to our jobs and are back in the rat race!

Patrik and I spent Christmas in Sweden with his family. We flew on December 23rd to Copenhagen and from there by train and ferry to Helsingborg.

After five we finally arrived at the beautiful Vault Hotel! And what an amazing hotel it is, we were literally taken aback! Not only the hotel itself is fantastic, but the friendliness of the staff was outstanding too! LOVED ALL OF IT 100%  💖

The next day we strolled around town for a bit, but sadly it was freezing cold (no snow at least).

We spent Christmas eve with Patrik’s parents, who live nearby. It was lovely and cozy and we enjoyed each-others company, since it was quite a while we saw them.

Around 11 p.m. we were back at the hotel, tired but happy!

On the 25th Patrik’s friend Lars drove down from Gothenburg. Actually, my girlfriend Mia and her husband Lars (another one 😉) should have joined us as well, but he had some health problems a few days before, so sadly they skipped the trip 😥

Lars arrived at the hotel in the evening and we went out for dinner at a Lebanese restaurant, with a lot of blablabla 😊

Unfortunately, I caught the flu over night and stayed in bed the next day, while Patrik and Lars visited a huge shopping mall *bugger*. At least I could make some tea and the bed was VERY comfortable. But what a shitty situation, having to spend your holidays sick in bed! 🤧

In the evening Lars had to do some work and, actually, Patrik and I were invited for dinner again at his parents. Well, he went of course, while I spent the evening coughing, freezing and dozing in our room….

The 27th arrived and I didn’t feel better. Patrik had bought some drugs for me, but it didn’t seem they helped quick enough, damn! In the evening we were invited at Patrik’s sisters house in order to celebrate a belated Christmas with them. Her husband was also sick before the holidays started, and she caught pneumonia! That’s why we couldn’t meet on the 24th.

But meanwhile they felt much better and weren’t infectious anymore.

I wasn’t sure about myself, though! Everyone wanted me to come, since we would fly home again the next day. But how smart was it to eventually give my flu to someone and/or I would feel even worse tomorrow…..? Flu and flying = BAAAAD combination!

Anyway, in the end Patrik talked me into it and we spent the evening with his family; his sister, her hubby, their son and Patrik’s parents came too. It WAS a lovely evening, although we didn’t hug and held our distance! The evening flew by and soon it was time to order a taxi.


Travelling home the next day was a bit of a challenge. Although, surprisingly I didn’t feel too bad, but when we finally came home around 5 p.m. I was totally knackered!

I managed to unpack my suitcase, showered and went to bed 😴

Luckily, Patrik and I took the 03rd and 04th January also off, since we had actually planned to spend New Year with our friends in Luxembourg! Ha, needless to say that we didn’t go – to everyone’s disappointment of course, including ours!

Now, after more than a week I still feel not 100% good! The cold is better, but I still have this bloody overpressure in my ears, from the flight home! It’s so annoying to be like in a bubble and hear myself in high definition and everything around me is dimmed!

I really hope I feel better soon! 🙄



We wish you all a wonderful and joyous Christmas and a Happy New Year! 🎄🥂

Let’s hope 2023 will be a better one  💞🐱


It’s been a while ages, since I’ve posted about what’s happening in my hobby room 🙈

Though I was quiet doesn’t mean I’ve done nothing. The opposite, a couple of new ideas have popped up and here are some results:

I hope you like them as much as I do 🥰




Along the French Riviera & Côte d’Azur – Part Seven

We planned to stay in Loano until the 06th September. Taking it easy by visiting Loano and buy a few presents, clean the boat inside & outside, do the laundry etc. 🧺

In the afternoon of the 06th we had an appointment in Genoa with Quantum Sails. We need new sails (main and genoa) and Patrik had already received an offer from them. Since we were so close, we decided to pay them a visit and make up our minds in situ about the last few details. Alberto, from Balbi (boat chandler located in Loano, Savona and new in Genoa) had arranged the meeting and would accompany us.

We also looked forward to see the marina in Genoa and then spend the night in Melide/Ticino, where a room was already booked at the hotel “Riviera“. A REAL bed was waiting for us ☺


So, the meeting with Quantum Sails was very pleasant (I think Vittorio was the guy’s name). A few adjustments in the offer were made and the colour for the Sunbrella UV protection chosen. Vittorio would send us a revised offer of course, but we were convinced to have found the right partner with this company.

After we said good-bye to Alberto and thanked him for the time, we headed for Switzerland. Our GPS said we would be at the hotel around 6 p.m. – later than we wished for, but the meeting with Quantum was necessary and too important to do a helter-skelter decision. Too much money is involved in the end!

We arrived as predicted at the hotel “Riviera”, had a very heartly welcome and were more than satisfied with our room. Sadly, it started to rain, so we had to leave the balcony and finish our prosecco inside. After the shower we were ready for dinner, which we took at the hotel. Again, a very friendly service was present, and we enjoyed our dinner on the terrasse, which was protected against rain and wind. The temperature was at least ten degrees lower than we were used to from the last 3 weeks – only around 18 deg. C 😨

However, back at our room we were realized how tired we were and soon lied in the comfy beds.

We slept well and woke to a cloudy morning. Yeah, well, it fitted the slowly end of our vacation. We had our breakfast (at the terrasse with a lovely view over the lake) and just before 11 a.m. we checked out.

The grandson of the hotel owner was at the reception this time. After he made sure that everything was OK, he announced that – sadly – it was his granddads funeral today. He’d died a couple of days ago. We said our condolences and were touched about the openness of this young man.

Well, it just verified that we would come here again, if we ever need a lovely hotel on our way home from Italy again.

The drive home was unspectacular, some rain, mixed with sunshine and around 2.30 p.m. we arrived at our house. At least the sun was shining again, which made it easier 😅

Emptying the car went fast and soon afterwards we sat in our wintergarden, nursing a glass of white wine and let our parents know that we’d arrived safely!

Luckily, it was only Wednesday and we had a few days left until the daily routine would return…..

We came to the conclusion that four weeks’ vacation is undoubtedly wonderful but having to find a way back to the rat race is anything than easy…. I must confess I was struggling a bit the first week at the office. Luckily, I like my job and I have lovely working colleagues, which that made the return definitely less hard 🥰


Stop the Bloodbath