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Hello my furiends! I hope you’re all doing fine and are healthy!

Me too! And I know because I’ve had a check-up not long ago. My mum drove me to my vet (without asking me though) and after a short waiting time it was our turn.

It was the usual as every year:  It startet with me refusing to leave the transport box. As always I didn’t stand a chance against the vet and his assistant. Mum was sitting in a corner, looking all innocent and sorry for me *yeah-yeah*.

After that fight I had to sit on a white slippery dish and they took my weight….apparently it’s 100 gram more than last time. Not good, according to all three of them. I hope that doesn’t mean I have to go on a stupid diet now! …….erm, how much I weigh now? 4.6……… 6.4kg….. so what, I’m a big cat, right?!

Anyway, they weren’t finished torturing me, far from it! Next was checking my mouth and my teeth (yes, I still have ALL of them). I’ll never get used to these disgusting rubber gloves *YUCK*.

Still not finished, because now the vet listened to my heart and whatever else is inside me. Then he thoroughly felt me down (I wonder what he was searching for?!).

At least I received some goodies in between this whole procedure!

Well, the best is yet to come! As if all this wasn’t enough, my check-up ended with a sharp prick into my side. If my transport box wasn’t waiting there for me with an open door, the vets hand would have turned into minced meet, no shit!

Boy, was I happy when my traitor mum carried me to the car and we drove home again. Of course I was grumpy for a while – cat honour! Until dinner time arrived….

Yeah well, I suppose all this has a reason. Usually, my mum and dad are very nice to me and only want my best. So they are forgiven  =^.^=

Purrs and rubs to you all!

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Back to Purfectly Normal

My furiends! I hope you are as happy as I am!

Finally, my house is as it was before. No more strangers with noisy machines and funny equipment.

My food and water bowls are back in place, as are my furniture. I decided to keep my bed upstairs for the moment, because…. well, because 😊

But wait! Not everything is as it was! We have – of course – the new and beautiful parquet floor! It not only looks amazing it also feels lovely on my paws. Really velvety! I love it very much ♥

The cellar also became very nice with the dark vinyl. My toilets are where they belong again, and my mum’s hobby things are also back and ready for her.

So, between you and me, the last two months – as uncomfortable as they were – were worth it!

Each and every one did a pawsome job and worked efficient! So I say BRAVO and THANKS!

Well, that’s me for now. I guess I’ll have my well-earned nap now!

Purrs to you    =^.^=


What the…… Holy Paw !?

Furiends! You cannot imagine what a horrendous week I’ve had! I was seriously worried that my mum and dad had gone nuts!

Not only did I have to get used and even befriend a non-stop hissing snake! Which turned out was quite a boring creature, since it wouldn’t play with me. I baptised him “Floppy” and not even that did he mind….

Well, at least I didn’t have to share my goodies with him and after two weeks he moved out! I wonder who he bores these days….

Anyway, last weekend my mum and dad started to empty all cupboard in my living room and removed the ALL the furniture! Even MY bed and MY toys! What cheek!!

On Sunday evening everything was gone – well, at least my food and water bowl were still there…. exactly, “still”, because on Monday morning even those were gone.

What the heck is going on, I asked myself! Are we moving?

On Monday morning I had the answer: Two guys came and started to REALLY make noise! They stole removed our flooring…. Apparently, it was OK because my dad – who is still working from home – didn’t complain or throw them out, or anything.

Relieved that everything was in order, I tried to spend my days sleeping and not to worry too much about the different noises! My mum and dad own a waterbed which is the most comfy thing in the world! I even went outside every now and then, since the temperatures rose and and the sun showed up!

With the weekend coming closer, I hoped that the works would be completed…. Well, my hopes were too high.  Apparently, it’ll take the whole next week too!

My mum’s hobby room – well, the whole cellar actually – will also get a new flooring.

But clearly, the highlight will be the newly done kitchen/living room parquet! What a beautiful oak floor we’ve chosen, can’t wait to see the result!

Most of all, though, I’ll be happy when the quietness will be back – pawesome =^.^=

Purrs and hugs to you all!


Purrs !

Furiends, it’s been a while but now it was my turn again to act as creative writer!

How did you cope during these C-word…-times? It seems it won’t be over soon – far from it!

Well, as for me, luckily it doesn’t affect me really. I still do my naps, get my beloved goodies and have my mum and dad around. Especially my dad, since he is working from home on Mondays and Fridays.

Apparently, it will be more often soon. I heard that he’ll have to drive to the company once a week only.

Suits me, it means I’ll get more goodies if I behave correctly (e.g. rub up against his legs as soon as he gets up)!

What else? Ah, have you seen that my house has a new colour? It looks awesome, doesn’t it? It was me of course, who had the final say!

So, and this weekend I’m all by my own! Mum and dad left yesterday afternoon to meet some friends in the Vosges, a mountain range in France. As far as I know they will be on a camping-site and go for walks…..

Booooring! I’m more than happy to be at home and have some peace and quiet! Plus I have the whole house for myself!

OK, grandma and grandpa are coming this afternoon to check on me and fill up my food and water bowls. AAAAND to spoil me with some goodies (hopefully they won’t forget this very important part)!

Otherwise I most likely will go outside every now and then, to check there is no invader in my garden!

Tomorrow my mum and dad will come home again! Of course I look forward, but “psssssst”, that’s our secret……….

You’re wondering why? Why the whole weekend plan is crossed over? Weeeeell, let me explain:

My dad felt apparently some sort of snuffles on Friday morning…but was it really that, or the C-word?? So he called my mum at work to let her know.

Simultaneously, at her work, the boyfriend of a colleage was tested positive on Thursday. So of course she stayed at home, feeling quite sick. She was booked for a corona test the same day. The result will be available on Monday.

Anyway, my mum and dad decided very spontaneously (and with a heavy heart) to cancel their trip to the Vosges. The risk to infect their friends was simply too high!

Sooo….. there goes my fabolous plan *sigh* 

On the other paw, I hope my dad “just” caught a simple cold! Claws are crossed  =^.^=

So long, my dear furiends!


My Lovely Lively Garden

Hi Furiends! The other day I took my dad’s camera and strolled through my beautiful garden!

Amazing, how little time it took to grow all these flowers and make our neighbours disappear behind the branches and tons of leaves! Look:

It also makes me disappear perfectly when I’m out hunting observing mice and birds! What an interesting and relaxing pastime……*oooops*

My dad helped me to produce this short movie about these little buggers………. Unfortunately Luckily their feeding station is high up, otherwise they would be in danger to get eaten by some evil cat!

Another save-bird-spot is on our balcony. My mum even bought them a swimming pool recently…. I wonder why, though. Don’t they have this beautiful fountain sitting in our garden already? And it’s nice and low for me to comfortably…..erm…. watch them.

Anyway, my dad finally ordered a proper fly protection for me. It’s such a hassle, when I try to sleep in the winter garden and flies are buzzing around my face! Bloody annoying!

So, it look it’s even prettier than I thought it would – I’m very pleased 😊

Well, otherwise not much changed, my dad still works from home and my mum leaves the house every morning, as usual.


Ah no, wait! The weather changed – a lot! Since last weekend the temperatures dropped to nearly zero degrees (on Tuesday) and some parts of Switzerland even got a little snow! It’s the so called “Frost Saints”, who visited us. Here is what I ‘ve found on LEO:

In France, Poland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and other parts of Europe: according to popular belief a period in May with increased likelihood of night frost falling on the feast days of certain saints thus jointly nicknamed ‘Frost Saints’ or ‘Ice Saints’.

These Saints appear every year, between 11th and 15th May and are called: Mamertus, Pankratius, Servatius, Bonifatius and Cold Sophie (I wonder what they look like and if they melt in the summer *haha*…..).

We also got a lot of rain this week, but that’s apparently good for the nature, so I heard.

However, it’s bad for me and my fur….

OK, that’s me for this week. I certainly look forward to sunshine and higher temperatures!

Purrs and greeting     =^.^=


Long Time No See

Hi there!

I’m not sure what your opinion is, but mine is quite confused.

Since three weeks my dad is at home. He’s doing something called “home office” and I reckon is has a lot to do that he’s in the office all day, sitting at his desk and looks busy! He wouldn’t play with me and it’s almost impossible to distract him (I tried it, believe me!)

My mum still leaves my house every morning and returns late afternoon. The evenings are as usual, they are cooking dinner and I get my meal in time…

I’m wondering if my dad’s strange behaviour has something to do with this creature called “Corona”…?! If so, it must be almighty, since the whole world is affected, according to the news in the radio. I tell you one thing, if I would catch this…..thing, I would simply eat it and the problem would be solved! Basta!

Well, well, my life is still as pleasant as always! I sleep a lot, inspect my garden every now and then and defend it if necessary! Apparently, there is a new cat in our area, a ginger one with a short tail. I guess he had an accident once. I’m not sure yet, if I like him or not….let’s see in a while!

Anyway, this Friday my dad did not his “home office” thing, but we worked in the garden instead! Boy, it was quite a lot we did: Emptying the pots from last years plants, filling the fountain with fresh water, clipping the huge pampas grass and we did a bit of weeding. Unfortunately, my dad didn’t accomplish all the tasks I’ve asked him to do, but he did well enough – I’m very pleased with him!

Today is Saturday and again it’s a wonderful, sunny and even warm day! So it looks like we’ll start our grill later this afternoon and open this years BBQ season!

Tomorrow we’ll take it easy I guess, sleeping a lot (me) and being in the garden, maybe reading a book (mum and dad)!

Take care all of you and watch out for that horrible Corona character!   Purrs   =^.^=



Hi there!

How are you all? Preparing for Christmas? Survived the first crisis and near-nervous breakdown?

Well, I must say I’m one of the lucky cats, without my servants folks getting stressed out! The only thing they did was decorate the house a bit Christmas-isch, which looks not bad I must admit!

Recently I went around and took some pics:

Pretty, isn’t it? (Bloody love these stupid reindeers….haha)

The only thing what worries me a tiny bit is that my mum and dad want to spend a few days in Sweden during Christmas…. Well, they won’t dare leaving me here alone! Maybe this time I’ll even be allowed to accompany them? I imagine that would be really mouse-crazy exciting!

All right….I’ll wait and see what happens!

Take care and heaps of glitter-purring, unicon-like greetings to all of you =^.^=


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