Avoiding Plastic Continues

A few months ago I wrote about our change in the shower. Getting away from plastic bottles to shampoo bars and soaps. Meanwhile, I also found a satisfying conditioner for my hair, which actually works perfectly. It’s from Lush and called “BIG”.

Since I don’t use any styling products anymore, this chapter can be closed ✔

Another issue was to find an alternative to the classical toothpaste tube, which are usually made of plastic.

I knew about the tooth tabs and powder, but – after trying several different brands – it never really satisfied me 100%. Either it was the taste or not enough foam. Plus I wanted to have one which contains fluorine…

Well, after months (true) of searching I’ve finally found the perfect one: It’s from “Anna & Ben” and one can choose with or without fluorine and some other varieties. And the best: They come in a glass container!

Chapter closed ✔

Dental floss was another subject. But this was solved quickly. There are several brands who offer natural products packed in a glass or aluminium containers. Mine is made of corn silk, by the way.

Chapter closed ✔

Body lotion seems to be a bit of a challenge. I prefer Shea butter, but almost all are packed in a plastic container or tube. Why can’t they be in an aluminium or glass container? So there I’m still searching for a suitable solution. I find the same problem with facial moisturiser.

Bars do exist, which melt with your body temperature, but so far I haven’t found my product.

Still pending 🔸 (all leads are welcome 😉)

Lip balms is the same. Almost all are these lipsticks. Sadly, all plastic… at least there I finally found a good product in a small aluminium jar. I just have to get used to the different handling.

Chapter closed ✔

Buying fruits and veggies at a wholesaler is still a challenge. We try to avoid packaging wherever possible. Funnily, most of the organic products are wrapped in plastic and stupidly enough, singly. Each egg plant in its own plastic bag, or zucchini, fennel, … you name it! Ridiculous!

Whereas conventionally grown products you find often loose and you can pack them in your fabric bag you brought along.

Therefore, I often choose non-organic stuff – nevertheless every time wondering, what choice actually would have been the better one regarding the environment….

However, a while ago, we’ve started to buy regionally and seasonally produced fruits and veggies. Or at least no further away than Italy. At least that’s a good thing.

And whenever possible, we buy directly from the farmer. It seems since the pandemic has started, more and more people are looking for that kind of “shops” and more of those have developed – successfully!

Naturally, our demands for all products – food or non-food – are that they must be vegan, without animal testing and mustn’t afflict the environment, or as little as possible!

So far we’re on a good way, I believe, and it continues 🌺

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