Avoiding Plastic – It Continues

We extended our efforts to avoid plastic in our little two-person household.

A while ago I spotted these kitchen sponges and dishcloth.


As you may recognize, the scrubbing sponges are made of luffa, which is a genus of tropical and subtropical vines in the cucumber family. Surprisingly, they really are effective and remove burnt food residues without scratching the surfaces.

You can even wash them several times at 60°C and when they are used up, you just throw them on your compost.

The green dishcloth is made of cotton and cellulose, which means they too are 100% biodegradable and compost friendly. Of course, they can also be washed at 60°C.

In order to find an alternative to the dishwasher detergent in plastic bottles, I finally found these super practical and palm oil free soaps. And they do their job, let me assure you.

Not only are they fat dissolving and have a fresh lemon fragrant, but they actually produce a nice foam!

Patrik and I have tested all these products for a while now and we both can confirm that we are totally satisfied.

With regard to being on a boat, sustainable cleaning products are even more important, since there is no sewage treatment plant, between your cleaning and the sea!

And of course, on board – with limited space – you want to avoid waste, as much as possible ⛵

By the way, on www.etsy.com one can find a good selection of sustainable cleaning accessories!

While I wrote this post, I was also on the Etsy page and in my opinion the “GreenHugShop” might be worth to try 😉

Well, I guess Patrik and I found a good solution after a long search, even if it seems like a drop in the ocean – for the oceans 🐬🐠🐋🦑

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