Back from my Mexico trip

.As I wrote in middle of April I went away on a work trip. To San Luis Rio Colorado for work.

Now I am back again after five and a half week. We started up a 200MW power plant and its exhaust gas cleaning system.

As we had a deadline to be finished within 3 weeks it was a long weeks and days to be able to do so.

San Luis Rio Colorado was much better than expected and we all felt safe during the complete stay. Everyone have heard about Mexico and that it can be dangerous there.

Temperature wise it was between 32 and 39°C most of the stay. The good thing it was a really dry air so it was not bad at all to work 10-12 hours per day. Just had to drink a lot of water.

We had one week when the temperature was down to 25°C during the days and then it felt cold. During the evenings then it was down to 16°C.

After I was finished in Mexico I drove first up to Bakersfield California for one day of work. The day after I drove further north up to San Francisco where I had a hotel one night close to Fisherman’s Wharf.

When arriving San Francisco it was really cold 17-18°C and really windy. First time I needed a jacket.

From San Francisco I  had a flight to Rome over Frankfurt. In Rome I had one night at a beautiful little hotel not to far away from the airport. It was wonderful to finally eat Italian food again and drink real coffee and not only the dark brown water you get in Mexico and USA.

When arriving Loano Diana picked me up and the train station and I was finally back home onboard Luna Azzurra again.

Now the preparation for the shipyard visit and the summer of sailing starts.


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