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Who is hungry?

We realised that we have quite a few unpublished recipes, which we would like to share with you.

It takes a good amount of time, to write down all recipes plus get everything ready, including pictures,

We decided to do a recipe post this week.

The result is pretty satisfying, We must say……

We hope you like it too and maybe try one or two of our cooking inspirations!

You’ll find them in detail under the tag “Frejas Galley”, among other recipes, of course.


Spätzle Pfanne

Potato Pizza

Garlic Soup



Be creative and enjoy – bye for now!

Post with recipe ideas

Unfortunately, we did not have much time to write a post this week.

Instead, we decided to add a few new interesting recipes which we strongly recommends to test. To get directly to the recipes, just click on the picture of your choice.

This post might also remind you that we create and test veggie or vegan recipes.

We change/s recipes, which usually are prepared with fish or meat.


First a Swiss easy made dish named “Ghackets und Hörnli” (in English: “Minced meat and macaroni”)

Fried Pak Choi with Garlic Tofu

Red Thai – Curry with Scrimps

You can find these recipes and many more on top under the Frejas Galley button.

Bon appétit !

Kitchen Experiments

If you followed our recipes, you most certainly realized that we enjoy a vegetarian kitchen. We have plenty of tasty ideas and only wish sometimes, we had a bit more time to cook them and write them down.

Nevertheless, I’m more and more interested and tempted by vegan food. I find it fascinating to turn a known (or unknown) menu not only into a vegetarian version but also into a vegan. Which ingredients have to be changed or replaced (and through what?) to get a satisfactorily result? How do I get the right consistence, taste or color, and how do I do scrambled eggs without eggs?

Everything added, let it cook together for 10 minutes

Since I like the “easy-peasy” recipes, I mainly try to use common ingredients, which can be bought in shops near us. I don’t like ingredients which I have to look up in the dictionary, to understand what it is.

And last but not least it’s a challenge for me to see, if I can satisfy Patrik’s taste. I mean, he is not even a 100% vegetarian, so of course, he was very skeptical at the beginning. But luckily he is open for new things and so far, his comments were benevolent. Meanwhile, I’m able to cook again, without him behind my back…watching 

So, if you see recipes marked like that ? , these are the vegan ones. I hope some of you get inspired and I would be happy to receive some comments and/or ideas.

New recipe layout

If you are visiting our recipe pages, you will notice that the layout has  chanced.

We tried to make the recipes easier to understand, like a step by step kind of way.

Risotto Ingredients Tomato risotto

Now you will have a better overview about the ingredients and how to prepare and cook the various meals.

Among other things a calculator is connected between the number of people which shall be served and the amount of each ingredient.

For example, if you choose 6 servings (persons) it will automatically recalculate the quantity of each ingredient you will need to prepare a meal for 6 people.

The time to prepare and cook the meals is estimated of course – depends on how fast one handles a knive for example and what kind of oven/grill/stove you have in your kitchen.

And: You can even print the recipes! :o)

As you might have already guessed, we are no professional chefs, but very passionate ones! So please forgive us any possible mistakes… ;o)

We hope you will like the new layout and appreciate – of course – any feedback and ideas.

Spagetti in an easy way Spagetti in an easy way


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