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1st August – Swiss National Day

Yesterday Switzerland celebrated its 729th birthday and usually all big (and small) cities in Switzerland organize festivities for their citizens. There you’ll find (primarily) crowds, food stands, politicians holding speeches and amazing firework shows.

This year, though, due to Covid-19, all big celebrations have been cancelled.

Well, in my opinion, by not having these huge fireworks, it did something good for the environment and also for a lot of animals. But that’s my personal point of view.

Anyway, Patrik and I celebrated together with my parents at our place.

We invited them for dinner and – traditionally – had raclette. It’s cheese, melted in tiny pans, served with new potatoes and all kind of pickled veggies and spices.

On top of the raclette oven we fried some cherry tomatoes, tofu, veggie sausages and other goodies.

I for myself ate vegan raclette cheese, which actually comes quite close to the real thing. My parents tried it as well, but weren’t very convinced. Yeah, well, each to his own 😊

Accompanied was our feast by a nice bottle of white wine, which suits this meal perfectly!

We had a lovely evening, a lot to talk and many good laughs! As it became darker some private fireworks started in our surroundings, but we’ve made sure earlier that Odin is inside! He isn’t super scared of these firecrackers, but better safe than sorry…

Around … o’clock my parents started to get ready for their journey home. It’s about a 30 minute drive, so no big deal!

And today? Well, it’s the Sunday before our holiday begins! The last few days Patrik and I were preparing, ordering and buying the last few things for Luna Azzurra! Suddenly the time went quick to our delight, of course!

Next Saturday, 05 o’clock we want to leave and – hopefully – arrive in Loano around lunch time. Never know with these building sites around Genoa….

My brother André and his two girls (Michèlle 17 and Jacqueline 15) will join us on Sunday! They spontaneously accepted our invitation to spend a couple of days with us on our boat! So we are even more excited and look very forward to the following week(-end)!

We’ll try to do a (at least short) post next weekend. But, nonetheless, we have all our equipment with us to let you know where we are and what we do!

Cheers everyone and be good!



Anniversary & a Gathering

 This week was a little turbulent.
Patrik and I have decided to paint the facade of our house new and do the necessary maintenance simultaneously. So we started already last week to get offers from different companies, specialised in this kind work. It involved visits and showing them around.
It seems like it was worth it, and we are pretty sure who will get the job!
We also had to contact our local municipality, since we want to change the colour and it has to be approved. Our idea is a light mint green….not too crazy indeed. We definitely look forward to our newly painted house!
Then, on Friday Patrik and I took the day off (OK, Patrik was working until lunch time).
We celebrated our 12th wedding day, or being married since 11 years! So I guess it’s our 11th anniversary. I’m not sure now, what the meaning for this anniversary might be…..
I’ve found this: 11th anniversary: Steel/Associated Flowers: Morning Glory (the flower…)
Anyway, after a short visit at our municipality, discussing the new house colour and had it approved (YEAH!), we headed for Lake Constance, armed with our SUP’s! The lake’s temperature supposed to be around 24°C and a sunny afternoon was awaiting us!  ……….. right, that was the original plan!
Sadly it was raining more or less the whole day. Only later in the afternoon, the sun shyly showed herself. Yeah well, instead of swimming we decided to go shopping. We still needed a few thing for Luna Azzurra, so it was the right opportunity to get this done.
For the evening we had a table booked in one of the nicest restaurants in Frauenfeld! Last Christmas we received a voucher from my parents, so it was the perfect occasion to cash it in!
The evening was fantastic, we enjoyed each others company and our candle light dinner!
On Saturday, just before lunch, we met with my former boss (who is retired since a few years) and my colleague at that time! Once a year we organize this gathering, every time at a different location…well, we try at least!
This time we visited the old monastery Kartause Ittingen, which lies just a couple of kilometres from where Patrik and I live. Again, we had a wonderful time together, ate lunch at the monasteries restaurant and strolled through their beautiful parc!
As always, we had so much to tell and catch up, so time went too quick and later in the afternoon we said our good byes! But not before we made sure that we’ll find a date next year again for our get-together!
Today is Sunday, and we planned to do a lot of sweet-nothing! We wish you all a wonderful rest of the weekend, so long 😉


Already a week has passed since our so much longed weekend in Loano!

However, it was awesome and, with the help of Pascale and Lynn from Luxembourg, we got quite some work done on Luna Azzurra.

The weather was on our side, with sunshine and warmth (well, it was pretty sticky while working).

Breakfast and lunch we had on board, and twice we went out for dinner, sitting outside of course.

On Friday Lynn and Pascale had the afternoon off and went swimming and chilling at the beach. They deserved it!

In the evening we picked up pizzas and ate them on board.

When we saw that the most important work was done, we decided to treat ourselves on Saturday afternoon and we left the marina with Luna Azzurra. Sadly, there was no wind, so we had to use the engine to reach the anchor spot at Punta Crena. There we enjoyed the “dolce far niente” with swimming, sunbathing and having lunch, which even included a glass of prosecco. We had a really good time!

After our return, it was time for a little aperitif before we showered and got ready for dinner. We had a wonderful evening at Shardana’s, with tasty food and a bottle of “Just Black” – our favourite red! *yummy*

Too soon Sunday morning arrived and immediately after breakfast we started to clean the boat. Stripped the beds, emptied the fridges and packed everything, making sure not to forget anything! At 11.45 we were already finished and wanted to buy some wine (“Just Black” of course) at Shardana… Unfortunately, they didn’t open until 12.30 p.m., so we decided to skip it and headed home instead.

We knew about the road works around Genoa, from the news and the drive down. But what we experienced now was beyond belief!  GOOD GRACIOUS!!

At first we had to leave the motorway as expected, and would have been directed to the new access road in Bolzaneto! Chance would have been a fine thing! Every time we entered the motorway, from different inlets, it was blocked by the police after a few hundred metres and we were directed to the nearest exit again.

Well, it wasn’t only us of course! It was an unbelievable chaos, since no one knew where to drive and were the correct road was. Together with all the other lost souls – foreigners and Italians – we strayed around Genoa centre, desperately trying to find the correct direction.

In the end it took us almost two hours until we finally found the correct access road in Bolzaneto!

Shit! So much time was wasted! Our GPS said that instead of 18.00 we would be at home at 21.00…………….. *sigh*

Well, at around 18.00 we decided to have dinner in Bellinzona, Switzerland. And after another three hours we finally arrived at home! Happy but very tired! Odin came to welcome us and he was showered with love, hugs and kisses from all of us! (Yes, Pascale and Lynn LOVE animals – particularly cats  =^.^=).

Afterwards we emptied the car together (which luckily wasn’t much) and allowed ourselves a beer/prosecco and some crisps.

We Patrik and Lynn didn’t last too long and soon said good night…… Pascale and I – not the first time – couldn’t break free and continued until 2 a.m. *erm*

All the same we were up before seven on Monday morning – Patrik even had to work – and we all said our good byes at approx. 07.45 a.m. “Bye, bye dear friends! So long… ”

This week was quite the opposite – weatherwise: Rainy and some days not even 20°C…. But this weekend the summer is back again!

On Friday evening we invited Cony – our “old” neighbour and Odin’s sitter for a little aperitif. Since we haven’t seen each other for a while, we had a lot to catch up with!

This afternoon we are invited at a friends house. She was in the Italian course with me and is married to a Sicilian. Sadly, she choose to quit the course as it was too much for her. At least she can train the language at home!

That’s it for this time! We hope you enjoyed the pics and movie 😊

(me, steering Luna Azzurra out of the marina for the very first time)

Goditi la vita!


Ready – Steady – Go !

Right! This weekend Patrik and I are getting ready for next weeks trip to Loano and to Luna Azurra – FINALLY!

Our face masks are stashed as much as all the stuff for the boat, which is a lot!

Honestly, we are so excited that the time has arrived at last, we can hardly sit still 😉

Although, last Wednesday, our plans suddenly were at risk! The Swiss government announced that, because of the newly rising COVID-19 infections, thougher policies will apply. So, they would for example publish a list with countries of risk. That, when returning from them, one had to have a 10 days quarantine…..

WHAAAT??!! I almost had a heart attack – or rather two! The list would be available on Thursday evening, so I nearly couldn’t wait for it and I drove Patrik almost crazy, I was so twitchy! And then finally, the relief: Italy is not mentioned on the list!! YEAH-YEAH-YEAH!! We are more than happy, as you can imagine 😊

So, on Wednesday afternoon Pascale and Lynn will arrive at our place as planned, and on Thursday morning – 05 o’clock – we’ll leave towards Italy. A six hours drive will be ahead of us with, hopefully, little traffic!

Sadly on Sunday we’ll already be heading home again….

However, since we are there to complete some important tasks on the boat, I doubt that we’ll find the time to write a blog next weekend. But we’ll take a lot of pictures, in order to do an awesome write-up the week after!

Having said this, we wish you all a cheery and sunny weekend and a wonderful time! Bye for now!

In the eyes of farfalla

Hi everyone.

This week it is a short post with farfalla looking at the villige and the surroundings from above.

As we did not have much time to write a post we thought a short movie seeing the villige we are living  in from above. We have a drone named farfalla who made this possible.  The weather was with a little mix from sunny to cloudy. At least the temperature was between 25 and 30 °C during the week so nothing to complain about.

An Ordinary Week

Weeeeeell, actually there didn’t happen much anything this week………….. The weather was April-ish, with rain, clouds, gusts and no more that 18 deg. C!

Work was as usual for us – Patrik still from home and me still driving to my office daily – *Thank God*

Odin slept through the days more or less. The blues really got to him. He even couldn’t indulge in his passion: Hunting mice!

He sometimes went out at night, though. (And came back to bed – WET!)

On Friday and today Sweden celebrates Midsommar! That’s Midsommarafton on Friday and Midsommardagen on Saturday (which actually stands for “recovering from yesterday” 😉).

When Patrik and I moved to Switzerland, we kept this tradition a for a couple of years. Preparing the typical Midsommar food, which is new potatoes cooked in saltwater with dill, sill (pickled mackerel), cooked eggs and fresh strawberries with whipped cream.

To drink you usually have beer and have some snaps in between (therefore the Midsommardagen….).

Anyway, after a while we abandoned this tradition, because it simply wasn’t the same here, than it was in Sweden. Which is a bit sad, of course!

We usually receive greetings and pictures form Patrik’s family and our friends, so at least we get a little bit into the mood!

This year Sweden happens to be really lucky weatherwise: Apparently the can enjoy a lot of sunshine and temperatures around 28 deg. ! Good for them 😊

Here the weather already improved a little bit today and tomorrow we will be approx. 25 deg. C. And then, (almost) just in time with the Summer beginning today, it shows what “Summer” means next week: The forecast says we can expect up to 30 deg. C!

Means: Get the flip-flop’s out again – yeah!

The Anticipation Is Rising Even More!

For known reasons it was impossible for Patrik and me to meet our friends from Luxembourg!

But I certainly keep in contact with Pascale by using Whatsapp and sometimes we call each other.

So last Sunday the idea popped up that she could come with us to Loano. (Patrik is secretly hoping to get another helping hand….. 😉).

Impulsively as usual, Pascale was very thrilled about the opportunity to meet us, and even leave her country for a few day! She had to bury her original plans, flying to the South of France.

But now she could kill two birds with one stone!

And suddenly a third one had be added: Lynn, a good friend of hers, who we also know, will join us! On Thursday evening they met and Pascale asked her! And on Friday morning I had a message on my mobile from a excited Lynn 😊

Cool, I really look forward to meet the two again and spend a few days together. Even when Patrik and I will have to work on the boat. They are free to help us, or enjoy the surroundings of the marina. At least the evenings will be ours!

Poor Patrik, you mean? Having three crazy chicks on board? Well…..nooooo! I bet, secretly he’s looking forward to show off “his” harem to the Italians  *hahaha*

So long, folks!


Stop the Bloodbath