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The new year is already a week old and most of us have returned to our jobs and are back in the rat race!

Patrik and I spent Christmas in Sweden with his family. We flew on December 23rd to Copenhagen and from there by train and ferry to Helsingborg.

After five we finally arrived at the beautiful Vault Hotel! And what an amazing hotel it is, we were literally taken aback! Not only the hotel itself is fantastic, but the friendliness of the staff was outstanding too! LOVED ALL OF IT 100%  💖

The next day we strolled around town for a bit, but sadly it was freezing cold (no snow at least).

We spent Christmas eve with Patrik’s parents, who live nearby. It was lovely and cozy and we enjoyed each-others company, since it was quite a while we saw them.

Around 11 p.m. we were back at the hotel, tired but happy!

On the 25th Patrik’s friend Lars drove down from Gothenburg. Actually, my girlfriend Mia and her husband Lars (another one 😉) should have joined us as well, but he had some health problems a few days before, so sadly they skipped the trip 😥

Lars arrived at the hotel in the evening and we went out for dinner at a Lebanese restaurant, with a lot of blablabla 😊

Unfortunately, I caught the flu over night and stayed in bed the next day, while Patrik and Lars visited a huge shopping mall *bugger*. At least I could make some tea and the bed was VERY comfortable. But what a shitty situation, having to spend your holidays sick in bed! 🤧

In the evening Lars had to do some work and, actually, Patrik and I were invited for dinner again at his parents. Well, he went of course, while I spent the evening coughing, freezing and dozing in our room….

The 27th arrived and I didn’t feel better. Patrik had bought some drugs for me, but it didn’t seem they helped quick enough, damn! In the evening we were invited at Patrik’s sisters house in order to celebrate a belated Christmas with them. Her husband was also sick before the holidays started, and she caught pneumonia! That’s why we couldn’t meet on the 24th.

But meanwhile they felt much better and weren’t infectious anymore.

I wasn’t sure about myself, though! Everyone wanted me to come, since we would fly home again the next day. But how smart was it to eventually give my flu to someone and/or I would feel even worse tomorrow…..? Flu and flying = BAAAAD combination!

Anyway, in the end Patrik talked me into it and we spent the evening with his family; his sister, her hubby, their son and Patrik’s parents came too. It WAS a lovely evening, although we didn’t hug and held our distance! The evening flew by and soon it was time to order a taxi.


Travelling home the next day was a bit of a challenge. Although, surprisingly I didn’t feel too bad, but when we finally came home around 5 p.m. I was totally knackered!

I managed to unpack my suitcase, showered and went to bed 😴

Luckily, Patrik and I took the 03rd and 04th January also off, since we had actually planned to spend New Year with our friends in Luxembourg! Ha, needless to say that we didn’t go – to everyone’s disappointment of course, including ours!

Now, after more than a week I still feel not 100% good! The cold is better, but I still have this bloody overpressure in my ears, from the flight home! It’s so annoying to be like in a bubble and hear myself in high definition and everything around me is dimmed!

I really hope I feel better soon! 🙄


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year 2023!

Let’s toast to yesterday’s achievements and tomorrow’s bright future.

As a wise person once said, “You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough!”


We wish you all a wonderful and joyous Christmas and a Happy New Year! 🎄🥂

Let’s hope 2023 will be a better one  💞🐱

Christmas feeling in Loano – Luna Azzurra

I had a good time in Loano even though the weather and temperature was not the best.

One evening it was only 2° and I felt it when walking in to town and back for dinner. Even though I did freeze I managed to take some pictures from town and with the Christmas lights up.

When it came to work I changed all ceiling halogen lamps to LED. This is a mager energy saving as 7 x LED uses less or the same energy as 1 x halogen. When being off-grid every Ah is counted and can be used better than to be wasted on 1 lamp.

I installed a remote starter for the Victron Energy inverter, as this I can easily switch the inverter off when not needed, which as well save 2-3 Ah.

The last work I did was to start emptying the garage, took home 4 shelves and 1 box with stuff not needed anymore. As well 1 set of different types of plates and 12 water glasses was taken home.

Now we have only a high-pressure cleaner, some wine glasses and 1 x shelf left to take home. The rest we will be installed or moved onboard Luna Azzurra.

In the end it was a good trip but little boring t be there alone and not have Diana with me. Specially when the weather was gray and cold too.



A visit in Loano and Luna Azzurra

As I had some compensation hours I needed to take out I decided to drive down to Marina di Loano and Luna Azzurra.

We have some jobs to do so why not do it when I can.

Jobs to be done:

  • Finalise the installation of the electronic thermostat for the fridge
  • Install led stipe in our cabin
  • Correcting the installation of the shunt so we can see current consumption/charging correctly
  • Install the new foot for our salon table
  • Emptying the garage as much as possible
  • Installing a device that we can see the tank levels on our plotter as well.

Plus a lot of more minor things which needs to be done or at least checked up in case we need to order some parts.

My week in Loano started good for the first evening, but during the night it started to rain. The rain was continued until the afternoon. Then it started slowly to be better but without any sun.

For Saturday and Sunday the weather seems to be more promising with sun and a little warmer. Fingers crossed 🤞 that it will be.

As I have only have had one complete day so far not much to show yet.

For the LED stripe in the cabin we were choosing of have the light on top of the storage area or below. after testing both alternative we decided for the one below. This was a first set up and today I need to finalise the installation.

For the fridge I must say the electronic thermostat is a wonderful piece of equipment. Now the fridge is keeping the temperature perfect and no more freezings cold or to warm in it.






It’s been a while ages, since I’ve posted about what’s happening in my hobby room 🙈

Though I was quiet doesn’t mean I’ve done nothing. The opposite, a couple of new ideas have popped up and here are some results:

I hope you like them as much as I do 🥰




Sailing – Cannes – Loano – 2022

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