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Milking without Cows

A while ago I saw an ad about a British couple on Instagram, who developed – and now produces – a machine, which does plant-based drinks. It’s called Milky Plant 🌱

I loved the idea immediately, since it has loads of benefits. Here are a few:

  • No more waste (Tetra Pak)
  • No animal cruelty
  • Sustainable
  • You know exactly what it contains
  • You can process oat, nuts, rice, hemp, peas, etc. and combine it after your taste
  • The remaining pulp can be used for porridge, baking, muesli, whatever…
  • You preserve the environment
  • For each purchased machine they plant 5 trees and donate 1% for the planet
  • And, last but not least, in the end you safe quite a lot of money, by doing your plant-based drink by yourself

It took me a while though, to order one, since it was still new on the market, and I couldn’t find many reviews (except on their website).

However, my curiosity won, and last week I ordered this wonder machine!

It arrived this week with a lot of extras, for example a thanking compostable note from Nadina and Michael, the founders, which contains flower seeds and can be planted in a pot with soil. What a sweet idea 🌷🌼

Understandably, Patrik and I had to test it immediately. See if it is that easy to handle as promised and most importantly, how does that home-made drink taste?

Well, the first try was not exactly what we expected, it looked and tasted a bit watery. We realised that we didn’t use enough oat flakes, so no surprise here. We’re sure it was the right choice to purchase Milky Plant and we look forward to explore its capability!


One huge benefit will be when we’re on the boat. No more exhausting oat-drink chasings when shopping, which then takes up a lot of the storage! Marvellous 😎


Sailing – Loano – Porquerolles no: 2 – 2022

Sailing Loano – Porquerolles 2022


Along the French Riviera & Côte d’Azur – Part Seven

We planned to stay in Loano until the 06th September. Taking it easy by visiting Loano and buy a few presents, clean the boat inside & outside, do the laundry etc. 🧺

In the afternoon of the 06th we had an appointment in Genoa with Quantum Sails. We need new sails (main and genoa) and Patrik had already received an offer from them. Since we were so close, we decided to pay them a visit and make up our minds in situ about the last few details. Alberto, from Balbi (boat chandler located in Loano, Savona and new in Genoa) had arranged the meeting and would accompany us.

We also looked forward to see the marina in Genoa and then spend the night in Melide/Ticino, where a room was already booked at the hotel “Riviera“. A REAL bed was waiting for us ☺


So, the meeting with Quantum Sails was very pleasant (I think Vittorio was the guy’s name). A few adjustments in the offer were made and the colour for the Sunbrella UV protection chosen. Vittorio would send us a revised offer of course, but we were convinced to have found the right partner with this company.

After we said good-bye to Alberto and thanked him for the time, we headed for Switzerland. Our GPS said we would be at the hotel around 6 p.m. – later than we wished for, but the meeting with Quantum was necessary and too important to do a helter-skelter decision. Too much money is involved in the end!

We arrived as predicted at the hotel “Riviera”, had a very heartly welcome and were more than satisfied with our room. Sadly, it started to rain, so we had to leave the balcony and finish our prosecco inside. After the shower we were ready for dinner, which we took at the hotel. Again, a very friendly service was present, and we enjoyed our dinner on the terrasse, which was protected against rain and wind. The temperature was at least ten degrees lower than we were used to from the last 3 weeks – only around 18 deg. C 😨

However, back at our room we were realized how tired we were and soon lied in the comfy beds.

We slept well and woke to a cloudy morning. Yeah, well, it fitted the slowly end of our vacation. We had our breakfast (at the terrasse with a lovely view over the lake) and just before 11 a.m. we checked out.

The grandson of the hotel owner was at the reception this time. After he made sure that everything was OK, he announced that – sadly – it was his granddads funeral today. He’d died a couple of days ago. We said our condolences and were touched about the openness of this young man.

Well, it just verified that we would come here again, if we ever need a lovely hotel on our way home from Italy again.

The drive home was unspectacular, some rain, mixed with sunshine and around 2.30 p.m. we arrived at our house. At least the sun was shining again, which made it easier 😅

Emptying the car went fast and soon afterwards we sat in our wintergarden, nursing a glass of white wine and let our parents know that we’d arrived safely!

Luckily, it was only Wednesday and we had a few days left until the daily routine would return…..

We came to the conclusion that four weeks’ vacation is undoubtedly wonderful but having to find a way back to the rat race is anything than easy…. I must confess I was struggling a bit the first week at the office. Luckily, I like my job and I have lovely working colleagues, which that made the return definitely less hard 🥰


Along the French Riviera & Côte d’Azur – Part Six

10.00 a.m. on 01st September and it’s coffee time! The swells had never stopped, so no wonder we were the only boat left in this bay…… *haha* No reason to stay any longer, so after WOBBLE we started the engine and left.

Next stop was Diano Marina, another night at anchor was planned. During the journey it started to rain a little, but when we arrived at the bay the sun was shining again. It was only us and a motor yacht at anchor. Plenty of space and quietness.

It was obvious that the high season came to an end and most tourists have returned to their daily life.

Later in the evening a Norwegian flagged sailboat arrived and dropped anchor. Hej, hej, SY JEPPY! In exchange, the motor yacht had left earlier.

We made a very tasty Salade Niçoise for dinner – the vegan and fish friendly Vuna-version naturally 🐟

The next day we were woken up ruggedly at 07 a.m. A storm was raging outside, with rain, gusts up to 30 knots and at least ½ m waves (in the bay)! We were glad that we took the weather forecast seriously a couple of days ago, when thunderstorms and high waves were promised. Therefore, we now were so close to Loano, only a stone’s throw away!

However, coffee first – which we JUST accomplished to prepare and even drink without spilling 🤣

We also realized that the Norwegian boat had already left, so it was only us left.


At 9 a.m. were we ready and started the engine. Our way out to the open sea went smoothly and during the journey the weather calmed down. The sun showed herself and suddenly it was a lovely day again! 😎

Just before lunch we approached the Isolotto Gallinara, which lies just outside Albenga. This private island looks like a sea turtle from the right angle and is under conservation. We read in our smart sailing bible, “Italian Waters Pilot” written by Rod and Lucinda Heikell, a small harbour was lying on the northern side. Even though it is private, boats are tolerated to spend a night there. So we wanted to check it out, might be handy for another time.

It made a positive impression and seemed to be in good condition. One motor yacht was lying inside, otherwise the “marina” was empty.

Soon afterwards it was time to prepare the fenders and lines and just after 1.30 p.m. we were safely berthed at M13, in the Marina di Loano – home sweet home! 😊


We decided to do as much as possible today, like taking down the dinghy and the SUP’s, wash them, store them (garage for the dinghy, bags for the SUP’s), since rain was promised for the next day.

And poor Luna Azzurra was finally receiving a proper wash! It must have been such a relief for her, getting rid of the salt and dirt! There you go, darling💦



Along the French Riviera & Côte d’Azur – Part Five..

Patrik had booked a berth at the marina in Beaulieu-sur-Mer for the following two nights. As always, we were excited to explore a new city. We also hoped to finally being able allowed to give Luna Azzurra a proper wash! She was covered in a salty crust and glittering in the sun like a diamond 💎

So, off we went, towards the French Riviera. Due to the absence of wind, so we had to use the engine again, oh dear! On our way we successfully fished a big unicorn balloon out of the water 🦄 – a little less damage in the sea!

At approx. 2 p.m. we arrived at the marina, filled up diesel at the fuel station and announced our arrival. Our berth was right there, at the entrance which suited us, since the marina was very tight. Unfortunately, boat washing was forbidden….again *aaarghh*….due to water shortage. Understandable, but annoying, nevertheless.


It was like an oven in the marina, but the surrounding was pretty, and we looked forward to visit the town. After the registering at the harbour office, we took a short stroll around and bought some fresh salad for dinner. Tomorrow we would do a proper visit and grocery shopping. We also planned to do some sightseeing, “Villa Kérylos“, a replica of an ancient Greek villa, seemed like a good choice.

Said and done! The next morning was sunny and hot again. Firstly, we did the grocery shopping, brought everything back to the boat and left again, in search for the villa.

On our way we were positively surprised what a pretty city Beaulieu is. We were definitely happy to have chosen this place for two nights.

Villa Kérylos amazed us! Is absolutely worth the visit and entrance fee (approx. 14 Euro). We enjoyed it very much. On our way out we realized that next to it lies the residence of the Eiffel family – might it be him, who built the Eiffel Tower, we were wondering…?!

Back at the boat we relaxed a little and later got ready for dinner. Nearby was an exotic looking Moroccan restaurant where we planned to eat. Sadly it was closed, so we chose an Indian restaurant near the marina. We sat outside but soon it started to drizzle whereof soon became a thunderstorm. At least we stayed dry under the umbrellas

However, the restaurant was – simply said – a catastrophe. I can’t remember having had such a bad service and the food could have just as well been something microwaved…. Very disappointing!

Back at the boat we had a last glass of red before we went to bed. Good night 😴🌙


New day, new adventures! The last day in August had arrived!

The weather was a mix between sunshine and clouds, but OK so far. Shortly before 11 a.m. we said good-bye to Beaulieu-sur-Mer and headed for Italy. We wanted to get to San Remo today and anchor there.

Due to lack of wind, we had to motor-sail again. Too bad! After two o’clock we passed Menton and with Ventimiglia we entered Italian waters. The grey clouds were still present, together with the waves. Hopes were still high that it wouldn’t get worse!

After a bumpy ride we finally arrived at our destination and at five we dropped the anchor. Good holding this time, since it’s a sandy bottom 😉

And hey, the sun came out 🌞 We treated ourselves to a short aperitif and afterwards it was time to prepare dinner: Vegan, homemade burgers and fresh salad *yummy*


 Unfortunately, the night was pretty uncomfortable due to non-stop swells….. Yeah well, always something, isn’t it?


Along the French Riviera & Côte d’Azur – Part Four

The next day, 24th August, we did the last shopping, fresh veggies, fruits and bread and around lunch time we left the berth. Since we had some extra days now, we decided to spend another night at the island and anchored “around the corner”, a nice bay east of the marina. We did some swimming, paddling, Patrik continued to clean the hull….well, it was a relaxing day, which we enjoyed a lot!

The night wasn’t that lovely though! After midnight I woke up by some noise, people partying on a nearby boat, screaming, singing, loud music…. It wasn’t quiet until around 03 a.m. As usual, Patrik didn’t hear a sound and was able to sleep peacefully (which annoyed me even more!) 👿😤

Anyway, the next day we left the island and headed for Baie de Bonporteau. ETA was scheduled for 2 p.m. and after a calm (without wind) trip we dropped the anchor. As always for us (but WHY???), it took two attempts for the anchor to hold safely. The bay was very crowded, and a service boat made its rounds, selling ice cream, soft drinks, snacks, and even prosecco 😉

Later in the afternoon the bay started to get empty. St. Tropez is just around the corner, so the hip yachties and partygoers had to rush there of course. We were just a handful of boats left and enjoyed the peaceful evening. We decided to spend the next day here as well – doing bugger-all – and would leave on Saturday, 27th August.

And that’s exactly what we did, enjoyed a wonderful dolce far niente day with heaps of sunshine 🌞🌺😎


Saturday came and we left around 11 a.m. Our aim was to anchor at the entrance to the Golfe de St. Tropez, on the north side and outside a place called Ste Maxime. But the closer we came the darker became the sky. Apparently, a thunderstorm was building up, so we turned around and headed for the Baie de Canebiere (Canoubiers), which lies opposite and offers much better shelter.

We quickly found a good spot close to the shore, not too deep and on the 2nd try (what else? 😇) the anchor was safely buried in the sand (3 p.m.). It was also bread-baking day (the dough was prepared the day before) and later in the afternoon the boat smelled of freshly baked bread – voilà!

Brigitte Bardot lives here, by the way, in one of the mansions scattered around the shore and we believed to have spotted the correct one. Especially since some tourist boats – which weaved their ways between the anchored yachts – stayed a moment longer outside a particular villa. Also, the tourist guide talked excitedly about the famous actress.

Well, she certainly has my sympathy as she’s a resolute defender for animal rights since many decades 🥰 During the night we heard some dogs bark – maybe they were her rescue’s…? 🐕🐾

Ah, apropos, the thunderstorm never came. Instead, the sun showed up again and it became humid and hot. So we enjoyed the rest of the afternoon with the nice view, showered and had a tasty dinner.

Morning came and after the obligate WOBBLE we started the engine after 10 a.m. and left the bay.

Our aim was to anchor in Antibes, at Mouillage du Piton. ETA: ~15.30.

The longer we motor-sailed (poor wind unfortunately), the more we thought about changing our plan. So in the end we decided to try our luck and have a look at the île Ste-Marguerite, opposite Cannes. And *yeah*, we were fortunate enough to find a marvellous spot just at the foot of the famous Fort Royal. At 3 p.m. the anchor sat steady in the sandy bottom.


Why famous? Well, it was here that the mysterious “Man in the Iron Mask” was imprisoned from 1687-1698. I bet you saw one version of the movie. Apparently, in reality, it wasn’t a mask made of iron, but of velvet. But who the person was still remains a mystery….

However, we slept tight and weren’t disturbed by any ghosts (or party maniacs) 👻


Stop the Bloodbath