It’s autumn, as we know.

One of the few good things at this time of the year is, that many winemaker open their doors and invite you to test their new wines!

Patrik and I usually visit the nearest ones, mostly because one has to get home again somehow… But also, their wines are convincing and we like to support the locals.

So last weekend we visited Juliana & Stefan Traber, at our neighbor village called Dietingen. Their wines became even more attractive since he changed the label a couple of years ago (it was unbelievably…..well, suboptimal…afore). Although, we didn’t have much time actually, we went for a quick visit to say hello and test a couple of wines. Yes, very tasty, so we bought a couple of boxes, plus a grappa. We met some other friends, but had to say good bye….. Next time, guys J

Unfortunately, we don’t have many pictures of this happening, plus it was still daylight – not as cozy, as in the dark, with open fires and candles.

This weekend, our “neighbour” Hausammann, with their impressive winery, has open house.

Patrik and I decided to visit them on Friday evening. Firstly, the atmosphere is amazing in the dark, with its lights and the lovingly arranged Christmas decoration!


Secondly, Patrik has to travel to Siberia on Sunday morning and needs the Saturday to pack his cases and arrange a few things for his journey, into the freezing cold!

We very much enjoyed the evening, chatted to the Hausammann family, tasted their sparkling – and not sparkling – wines, accompanied by some cheese and fresh bread. Naturally, some friends also showed up.

We tried to capture the magic of the evening, voilà:

We wish you all a glistening and happy Advent Season!



    • Sigrid Starck on November 30, 2019 at 1:26 pm
    • Reply

    WOW ser mysigt ut!

    Nu går vi in i advent i väntan på julen. 🕯🍷 Ni får ha det så gott.
    Kramar ❤️❤️
    Sigrid och Jörgen

    1. Det stämmer och nu är det också vackert med all jul belysning.🎄🌠🎑
      Kramar från oss ❤️❤️❤️

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