Christmas feeling in Loano – Luna Azzurra

I had a good time in Loano even though the weather and temperature was not the best.

One evening it was only 2° and I felt it when walking in to town and back for dinner. Even though I did freeze I managed to take some pictures from town and with the Christmas lights up.

When it came to work I changed all ceiling halogen lamps to LED. This is a mager energy saving as 7 x LED uses less or the same energy as 1 x halogen. When being off-grid every Ah is counted and can be used better than to be wasted on 1 lamp.

I installed a remote starter for the Victron Energy inverter, as this I can easily switch the inverter off when not needed, which as well save 2-3 Ah.

The last work I did was to start emptying the garage, took home 4 shelves and 1 box with stuff not needed anymore. As well 1 set of different types of plates and 12 water glasses was taken home.

Now we have only a high-pressure cleaner, some wine glasses and 1 x shelf left to take home. The rest we will be installed or moved onboard Luna Azzurra.

In the end it was a good trip but little boring t be there alone and not have Diana with me. Specially when the weather was gray and cold too.



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