Dorset & Shetland Island

I had to travel for work to Wareham, Dorset and later to Lerwick, Shetland Island in UK.

It was one week at each place so in total two weeks. This was not the best timing as we are at the same time emptying our house.

The work itself was software updates / service and a yearly inspection of the exhaust gas cleaning systems. As the one in Dorset are under really strict regulations from the authorities. It is a must to have the system in good shape to be able to meat it. This power plant is laying in a nature protected area.

I was here during the first week and was really lucky with the weather.  Sunny and a temperature of 10°C.

On the 2nd of February I left for Lerwick, Shetland Island. When arriving there was quite strong winds. So a quite bumpy landing. The following day it was still some winds but calmed down quickly. After this I was lucky with the weather again with sunny 🌞 days and temperatures around 10°C again.

When leaving the wind came back and we where sitting in the plane with its engines running for more than an hour before the wind 💨 gusts became ok for take off.

Arriving Aberdeen, the connecting flight to Heathrow was delayed with three and half hours which means I missed my Zürich flight.

After landing at Heathrow it was just to stand in line at the transfer desk for a new flight 🛫 .

British Airways got in to flight leaving one and a half hours later than my original flight was leaving, so in the end not to bad.

Arrived home 21:30 in the evening which was wonderful. Now


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