Elba – Capraia – no Corsica – Loano – Part Two

The sun greeted us the next day and after we had our coffee we took the dinghy into the pretty port of Porto Azzurro. And it IS a very pretty marina with a little village surrounding it. After we walked around for a bit we had a cappuccino in a nice coffee at the waterfront – with a view to our Luna Azzurra and the other yachts anchoring in the bay.

Afterwards we bought some bread and two six pack of water and went back to the dinghy and to Luna Azzurra. Anchor was raised and off we went, towards an anchor spot in the bay of Lacona. We were even able to sail for a change!

The bay turned out to be a perfect spot with good holding and surprisingly few boats anchoring. So we really could choose were we wanted to stay. People were swimming and having fun and the beach was quite busy, a perfect late summer day!

It didn’t take long until Patrik and I were in the water, enjoying the refreshment of the 27 deg. C warm water. *haha*

During the late afternoon and early evening more boats arrived and settled for the night. Patrik and I hit the jackpot by having a bunch of nudists not far away from us – too close for our liking (I mean we could hear them talking, effortlessly)!

Not that we are prude – heaven no! -, but having deliberately to show off whatever one needs to show, goes a little too far in our eyes… We actually were “concerned” that they would approach us and ask if we want to join them…. *erm*

Well, dinner time came which we enjoyed very much, as usual accompanied by a tasty wine. The night was quiet….Luckily, no disturbance from “certain” neighbours….

In the morning (Thursday, 5th September) we left very early – around 07.30h. No, not because of the “nudies”, but we wanted to reach the island Capraia in a reasonable time and we also needed to fill up our diesel tank.


Sadly, there was not much wind, so we were forced to motor sailing most of the reach. The weather was otherwise fantastic, sunny and warm/hot. At around 03.30 in the afternoon we arrived at the miniscule Porto di Capraia. Since the high season was over, the marinas atmosphere was very sleepy.

We started to approach the filling station directly and already a guy was there, helping us. Afterwards we got our mooring spot – which was pretty tight – but we were happy to be there. Then we had a quick look around….well, there wasn’t so much to see anyway.

Pretty but tiny, especially if you don’t have a car. Probably there is a lot to see on the island, but if you are not mobile you most probably miss out on a few things, generally. Well, you can’t have it all, can you?!

After four o’clock we went to the marina office to register and then I had a look at the couple of boutiques which had just opened their doors. We also decided to treat ourselves and eat out tonight! At least a few restaurants were available and looked promising.

Then we didn’t do very much….had an aperitif and watched other boats coming in, one after one. Amazingly the marina started to fill up very quickly and we soon were surrounded by new neighbours.

We let the evening die away in a lovely little restaurant directly at the waterfront, enjoyed our meals and made further plans for our trip. The next day we wanted to leave Capraia and head for Corsica. The journey should take approx. 4-5 hours and the winds promised to be on our side.

So yes, we were looking forward to our next destination, an anchor spot for the night in a bay called marine de Pietracorbara. It lies at the top of Corsica’s “finger”. Then we would sail further, down the west side, to Port St. Florent.

Contentedly, we went to bed and the next morning Patrik checked the weather website again, to make sure we would have a save trip, plus to see the forecast for the coming days, when we had to sail from Corsica to Loano. It looked a bit unsteady, but we weren’t alerted or something.

That changed together with the weather around lunch time: Dark clouds started to build up and the first rain drops fell! Very quickly the wind picked up and suddenly it was pouring down and turned into a thunderstorm. Heaven!

Our neighbor – an older gentleman with a 37′ sailing boat – advised us against our plan to leave Capraia. It was too dangerous and the waves further out were apparently between 2-4 meter high…. He actually wanted to sail home to La Spezia, which would take him approx. 11 hours. But he decided to postpone the journey until the weather would calm down again…

We did the same of course and went to the marina office to ask if we could stay another night – yeah, no problem!

So, there we were….sitting in a sleepy one-horse town. The good thing was, we had finally time to update our blog. Patrik downloaded the photos we took and I started to write the text. Every now and then we checked the weather forecast for the day after. Sadly, it didn’t look very promising and in the evening we still didn’t know what to do really. We even played with the thought, to skip Corsica and sail directly to Loano. Later in the afternoon it even started to hail, which sounded horrible in the boat!

What do we do??


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