Empty House !

We’ve done it! Our house is empty! 🥳

A lot has been sold – most at a ridiculously low price – some things we gave away to friends and family and the rest went to charity!

Some furniture or deco things weren’t easy to say good-bye to…. But we were prepared for that. Can’t have it all, can you?

The storage box is in the cellar – luckily, our tenants agreed that we can have a small space behind the door – together with our bed frame, which we keep. In the box are our photo albums, some memories and of course the urns of our late cats, Gulliver, Thor and Odin 😿

I’ve made a collage with their pictures, which we’ll take on board…

From now on we’ll life with my parents until our definite move in the beginning/middle of April.

We’ll also do a quick trip to Luxembourg, mainly to say good-bye to our friend Pascale and bring her two glass cabinets, which she bought from us.

Then we’ll need separate trip to Loano, getting our stuff on the boat. We might loan my brother’s bus, which would be the easiest! We’ll see, though.

Ah, and by the end of March I’ll be retired….. 😲

Patrik will continue to work approx. 50% (100 days a year) for his company, so he’ll also provide for my pension. It actually is a sweet deal for him – and his employer!

He’s in the luxurious position that only he and another guy can do this job, so they simply couldn’t let him go (yet). This circumstance is the main reason we are able to fulfil our dream a few years earlier than planned. Him working is also temporary, maybe another two years or so.

Naturally, he’ll still have to do some business trips while I’m onboard Luna Azzurra. Which means I’ll have to learn all about it in record time. But that’s a small price to pay…. could be worse 😉

Well, our adventure continues, and it definitely doesn’t get boring! 😁 CHEERS 🥂


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