It’s Time to Empty The Tanks

Today Patrik and I post a theme which is a special heartfelt wish to us.

The 07th of May marks the 10th anniversary of the Empty The Tanks Worldwide Event. It’s a global call to action to end the dolphin and whale captivity and pressure the marine park industry to stop using animas for entertainment.

So undoubtedly, we wanted to be a part of this movement!

The pandemic showed us that being locked up is no way to live, but for these captive animals the confinement never ends. 

ItA's working...
These dolphins are born in captivity never now freedom.
animal abuse, dolphins, captivity.

They are endlessly suffering in artificial tanks, most of them heavily traumatized from the capture, many had to witness the brutal slaughter of their family members.

So how can you help?

Wherever you are in the world, you can join the Empty the Tanks movement. Use the official event map to find an event near you and stand with others against cetacean captivity.

You can also do your part from home on May 07th. Create a poster or download one from the Empty The Tanks site, take a selfie and upload on social media, using the hashtags #SelfieForCetaceans and #EmpthyTheTanks.

Luckily, in 2012 the Swiss Parliament decided on an import ban for cetaceans, after eight dolphins had died within three years in the last existing dolphinarium called Conny-Land. In 2013 it finally closed, and the remaining two dolphins were sent to a sanctuary in Jamaica. 

Therefore, Patrik and I participate on social media and we’re happy about this fact!

the official event map

We certainly hope that many people join the cause, and that these degrading dolphin shows soon will belong to the past!

Create a poster or download one from the Empty The Tanks site

And never forget: The facial expression of a dolphin is their doom – they keep “smiling”, even when being tortured.



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